The teddy coat is all the rage this season. It has the perfect material to shield you from the cold breezes and unpredictable weather and make sure you are snug while still looking fashionable and trendy. It is a very warm coat that does not compromise on fashion as most warm clothes do. It is also very easy to pull off, unlike fur coats that can be very daunting. If you are still unsure about getting a teddy coat, you have to the right place because we will tell you about all the ways you can make it work.

What is a teddy coat?

It is made of fleece, faux shearling or some other materials that are really soft and will keep you warm. It also resembles a teddy bear fur which explains the name.

Keeping it casual

There are many teddy bear bomber jackets that are available on websites like Lily Lulu Fashion, which are the perfect piece to pair for a casual outfit. You can simply through it on over a t-shirt and your favourite blue or black jeans, and a pair of trendy boots making you look like you spend a lot of time on your outfit when you didn’t.

Keeping it professional

Even though the name of the coat may sound a bit absurd, however it should not stop you from wearing the coat to work while looking extremely stylish. The main thing that you should do is make sure your whole outfit is tailored and fits you right so you can throw on a chunky coat over it. You can go for a darker colour that should go with all of your professional attire.

Keeping it fun

If you have to go out for the night with your girls but still stay warm, your teddy coat will be your best friend. You can wear a sheer top or even a cropped top with a skirt and throw on this blanket of a coat and you will be good to go! Pair it with some long boot and a red lip and your outfit will be complete and extremely chic.

Keeping it snazzy

The cooler days sometimes bring our inner grandma come out, and we drown ourselves in layers to keep warm. However, this season with the teddy coat you can look fashionable without looking too bulky. Simply wear your trendiest sweater and culottes under your chunky teddy coat, and you will be turning heads with your outfit. If you are attending a cocktail party, just throw on a pair of heels and strut away.

You should realize by now how easy it is to rock a teddy coat as it is not daunting at all. (Frankly speaking, anything with the word “teddy” in it cannot be daunting in anyway!) Trust us when we say that the teddy coat will be your favourite piece in your wardrobe because you will be wearing it everywhere this season.

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