How to repaint your kitchen furniture?

kitchen furniture

Painting (or repainting) your kitchen furniture is a simple and economical solution to transform an old or boring kitchen. Keep reading if you are looking for advice and procedure to modernize the room without embarking on major works.

The importance of the kitchen

Your old kitchen needs a good facelift? If you do not have the time or the budget to redo everything, a good brushstroke can be the solution to (almost) change everything without breaking anything.

DIY brands now offer paints adapted to kitchen furniture increasingly efficient and easy to use, available in large color palettes. You can even check for latex paint sprayer reviews if you feel like trying it. Refresh or modernize your kitchen inexpensively is so simple!

But for an impeccable and long lasting result, it is essential to respect the different stages and not to neglect the preparation.

Get everything ready

Clean the kitchen furniture. Before anything else, it is essential to properly clean the surface to be painted.

Between dust and grease, kitchen furniture can be sticky, so wash them carefully. Use a soda-based detergent to degrease thoroughly, then rinse with clear water. Some paintings recommend cleaning with acetone. This product is volatile, so make sure to put enough on your cloth.

Sand. So that the material hangs better, it is recommended to slightly roughen the surface. The idea here, however, is not to make a clean space to return to a raw material, but to preserve the existing varnish, or the old paint, which will thus serve as an undercoat and avoid, on wooden furniture (especially in oak), the eventual rise of the tannins which could stain the painting. Use a fine sandpaper (180 or 240 grit) to sand smoothly.

Which paint is more suitable for kitchen?

Kitchen painting is not chosen randomly. Like the bathroom, this wet room requires an appropriate paint that will withstand particular conditions and specific situations.

Today special kitchen renovation paints make it easy to repaint any surface, and can be applied to furniture (wood, laminate, lacquered …), as well as on a worktop, tiling or a credence. Now without underlayments, they are also designed to resist stains, heat, friction and detergents.

kitchen furniture

Painting your kitchen furniture: instructions for use

Two layers of paint. This is the golden rule for an optimal result that lasts. Using a small brush or paint sprayer, start with the hard to reach places (angles, grooves…), then use a small roller to apply the paint on the flat surfaces. Choose as smooth as possible (foam or short-haired) to avoid any risk of traces. Respect the indicated drying time well before passing the second coat.

If you choose a paint sprayer, then all surfaces will be easily reached.

Drying time. If the paint is quickly dry to the touch, it takes longer to dry to the heart. Allow at least 3 weeks for the material to harden thoroughly. During this time, handle your furniture carefully to avoid shocks that could mark the surface.

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