How to Reengage With Friends This Winter

Your friends are a huge part of your life, but because you’ve been forced into lockdowns and you’ve had to abide by other restrictions that have been imposed in response to the COVID pandemic, they’ve been absent for the past two-dozen months. Therefore, that warm, gooey, and fulfilled feeling we get when we hang out with friends has been in short supply recently—and some of us may even feel as if we’re drifting apart from those who we care for and love. This article’s all about reconnecting—reengaging with the friends we’ve missed since the start of the pandemic.

Organize Parties and Gatherings

There’s no better way to get your friends back in touch with one another, and of course with you, than to organize a gathering or a full-on party yourself. Putting in the time and the effort to make this event may feel like a lot of hard work, but if no one else is doing it, why don’t you? The best part about hosting a party is that you get to decide exactly who comes, which means that you can curate an atmosphere that you know all your friends will love.

Show You Care

It’s difficult to reach out and to show you care to people you’ve not communicated with for months. Breaking that silence can feel like an odd step to take, and you might feel that it should be the other person—your friend—who breaks the silence. But the truth is that life’s too short for these petty standoffs, and most friends love it when they’re approached out of the blue. To let someone know you’re thinking of them, just send a message, a letter, or an email—and await their grateful response.

Show Compassion

Sometimes, friends drift apart not because they have nothing in common anymore, but because one or more of them is going through a hard time and is isolating themselves away from friends. So, seeing that a friend isn’t very responsive on instant messaging could mean that they’re unhappy, rather than uninterested in you. Reaching out, and showing a little compassion, can be exactly what these friends need—even though you’ll have to be the one extending the olive branch and choosing your words. Lead with compassion, and ask gentle questions about how they’re feeling, so that your friend feels comfortable opening up to you.

Go for Walks

There’s nothing more refreshing and enlivening than a winter walk. Given that many of us are now eyeing up a winter of shortages and a potential rise in COVID cases, walks might be the safest way to meet up with friends, too. They’re also fantastic forms of gentle exercise for long-awaited catch-ups, enabling you to stroll through wintery scenes, chatting about all that’s changed in your lives since you last met. Walks are also on neutral ground, which makes them excellent places for both of you to feel comfortable after so long not speaking.

There you have it: four important methods by which you can reconnect with errant friends after well over a year of social restrictions.

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