How to Quickly Build Trust in a B2b Meeting?

It’s not easy to quickly build trust in a b2b meeting. If you want the best strategies to get it done, then this article is for you!

Recent researches show that in 2021, b2b sales doubled as compared to other online sales. However, trust always has a major role in a successful b2b meeting in today’s date, the same as 50 years ago. According to a research survey mentioned in a book “Insight Selling”, trust is among the top 10 factors to win sales in a b2b meeting. Also, trust is one out of the 6 factors to get more loyal clients for a business.

Based on extensive research, here are best practices to quickly build trust in a b2b meeting;

  1. Explore Your Expertise and Past Experiences

To build trust quickly, try to explore some relevant details on what you have done in the past. You can add some social proofs of your previous customers to show how your service solved their problems. Don’t bore them with irrelevant content and focus on a relatable compelling story only. They want to know the real characters, not fantasies.

Discuss some current trends of the industry and answer the questions they ask. 

Make honest commitments and do what you commit. Respect moral values.

Get personal with your buyer to build more trust. Talk something about your prospect that is mutually similar, outside of the project. This will help them to feel more comfortable.

  1. Show Customer Reviews and Results Of Testimonials

Get feedback and suggestions from your customers. You can send survey documents to get their opinions or suggestions about your service. This will also give you an idea for improvements in your services.

Ask your current or past customers to review your service. Take these reviews and create a testimonial document.

Seeing the real reviews from customers will help your prospect to establish trust with you.

According to a study,three out of four buyers trust the businesses which have more positive customer reviews rather than businesses with no reviews.

Moreover, you can offer a warranty to your prospects, if they don’t find your service good when they use it. It will help them to have peace of mind and trust to get your services.

  1. Have Deep Knowledge about Your Prospect

A lot of buyers fail to trust sellers because the sellers are not able to find their needs.

Try to find information about the role, responsibilities, and financial status of your prospect. Don’t just read their “About” pages on websites, find their social media profiles and know their recent achievements or losses. Prospects will feel more trust if you know already much about them.

Find if your prospect had any bad experience in the past while trying similar services from other business companies. Ask some details about what they were expecting from the services. Explore how you can help them better with your services. This point will make you more trustworthy.

Make sure you and your business also have good social media or other (web) presence. Build professional social media profiles that clearly state your job, expertise, or your business. At the same time, the prospect can also research your information.

  1. Find The Needs or Goals Of Your Prospect

You can prepare a simple questionnaire to know more about their future goals and needs.

Find their needs and provide value to their business by having a focused agenda, customer KPIs, predicting results, and managing risks. They ultimately want value for their business rather than you or your solutions.

Once you address the solution for their problems, be consistent in following the procedure. Schedule things professionally and stick to them.

When you focus on helping your prospect rather than just selling your services with knowing their needs, they will ultimately want to reward you.

  1. Solve All Queries Honestly

If your prospect has questions or concerns about your service, answer all with honesty. Misleading information may result in drastic effects on your reputation and future opportunities. Be transparent on what services will you offer and what they can expect from you. Be straightforward with discussing the policies, terms, and conditions of your service.

Your prospect may ask you for advice for their business. If you know well about their business and your services, then you will be able to make good advice. If they find your advice good, they may trust you quickly. Failure in giving advice or suggestions may not build a trusted relationship.

Also, always try to behave in a friendly and genuine manner without being fake. A true personality in any business matters.

  1. Have Strong Body Language

Either you are in a physical or in a virtual b2b meeting on AladdinB2B platform, strong body language plays a major role in establishing trust. Have a sturdy handshake, direct eye contact, and gentle tone.

In a virtual b2b meeting, find the point where you need to look for eye contact with your prospect.

Smile wherever necessary, a smile can build a more comfortable environment and trust by 10 %.

According to a survey, 120 speeches from executives were analyzed to check their impression. The results showed that the sound or tone of the speaker affects double rather than the message itself.

So, try to find a midway rather than speaking too loudly or too slowly. Be confident while you speak, being nervous can result in difficulty to have trust in you.

  1. Allow Your Prospect to Talk

According to a study by Saleshacker, the conversation between the sellers and their prospects has a 43:57 ratio.

It means that the seller speaks for 43 % and the prospect speaks for 57 % out of the total time duration in a b2b meeting.

So to become more trusted, follow the conversational strategy. If your prospect is not talking at all, you can ask some related questions to make them comfortable.

Bonus Tip

Value their time. Always try to give value to the time of your prospects. Reply to calls, emails, or inquiries on time. Schedule the perfect time for a meeting and stick to it. Your punctuality matters a lot to build trust.






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