How to put up your hair wig for Halloween

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Putting on a wig is easy if you do the following:

Determine the back of the wig by checking where the adjustment straps and brand label are. Take the front of the wig in one hand and the back in the other hand. Press the front edge of the wig into the place on your forehead where your hairline begins.

With your other hand, pull the wig back over your head. Tuck any hair coming out from under the wig back under the elastic edge of the wig. Straighten the wig by grasping the ribs at the top left of the left ear and the top right of the right ear and pulling them at the same height. This way you slide the half wigs to the left or right until it is properly in the middle.

Then press the ribs inwards towards your head. Feel if the elastic adjustment band is too tight or too loose around your head. If necessary, tighten or loosen it by removing the wig and moving the Velcro straps or hooks at the back.

Model your hairstyle with a brush without nubs at the ends. Check with a hand mirror whether the back is also in place and that no hair is coming out from underneath. Apply wig polish if desired. Done! If you feel this is too much work for Halloween you can consider hat wigs which are very easy to put on.  

Maintenance after your Halloween party

You want to keep your wig after Halloween here are some tips for maintenance. In general, you can say that you maintain a wig just like your own hair. For both, air pollution and dust act on it and skin fat and perspiration are absorbed. If you wear a wig every day and all day, it is best to use two wigs and wear them alternately.

Wash your wig with a wig shampoo according to the directions for that shampoo.  Then rinse with cold water. Then treat the wig with a wig balm, according to the balm’s instructions. This protects the fiber. Then let the wig dry without direct heat source nearby. It is best to place it on a special stand so that the air can ventilate underneath and through it. When the wig is dry you can place it on a wig head and, if necessary, model with a brush without nubs. Do not brush or comb while the wig is still damp.

With synthetic fiber wigs, the curl or wave returns automatically after washing and drying. Under no circumstances use curling irons as this will damage the synthetic fiber. Synthetic fiber wigs cannot be dyed, for human hair wigs treat like real hair.


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