How to Pull Off the Biker Look

biker look

While you may not be ready for the full-on, head-to-toe, leather biker look, you can add some edgy biker style to your look without having to go overboard with it. In fact, biker style clothing and accessories have been very much in evidence this year at some of the top fashion shows in the form of biker style leather jackets and biker accessories.

For both men and women, nailing the biker look comes down to the degree that you want to follow the trend. If you don’t want to fully embrace the style, you can still add a touch of biker edginess to an outfit with small biker accessories.

If you do want to explore the idea of adding some biker style to your wardrobe, the best place to look for things like biker rings, gothic rings, and men’s rings is an online store like BikerRingShop. At stores like this, you will find a surprisingly large range of biker themed fashion items that are not so over-the-top that they would look out of place with the rest of your wardrobe.

Biker rings, biker jewellery, and biker belts, bags and wallets can give you the look of independence and freedom and it’s a great way to stamp your own individual style to your look. The other great thing about biker fashion products is that, if you buy them from a store like BikerRingShop, the quality is exceptional and all the products are made to last.

If you have never thought about wearing biker jewellery before, here are a few style tips on how to pull off the biker look:

biker look

A Touch of Leather

Leather is a staple in a biker’s wardrobe, but you don’t need a heavy leather jacket and leather jeans to add a touch of biker style to your look. You could just add a leather or crocodile skin belt to an outfit to give a different look.

Less is More

If you have never tried the biker look before, you might like to start with just one statement piece, like a gothic style ring. Worn with a more mainstream outfit, a single piece of biker jewellery can look really quite striking.

Quality over Quantity

There are plenty of cheap biker accessories on the market, but they really don’t look very chic and they probably won’t last very long either.  So, rather than covering yourself head to toe in cheap looking jewellery, shop around and you will find that you can buy things like solid silver rings, crocodile handbags, and stingray wallets from the best biker ring shops.

biker look

A Glint of Metal

Metallic accessories have been a feature of fashion for several seasons in a row now and it doesn’t look the trend is going to end any time soon. Biker jewellery tends to be larger than the mainstream jewellery and it is invariably made primarily out of metal, so it is an ideal way to add a glint of metal to an outfit. You will also find some very unusual designs in biker ring shops, so you can have something that will look totally different from what other people are wearing.

You may have thought that the biker look is too heavy or too way-out for you, but fashion is often about creating contrasts of style and that’s what biker jewellery and accessories can do. So branch out and experiment a bit with your rebellious side. Take a look at what they have to offer at BikerRingShop ; you might be pleasantly surprised!

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