How To Protect Yourself

The world is a dangerous place, and there are always people out there willing to attack you and your family to better their own existence. You need to try to be on your guard, and be prepared to defend yourself if need be. Here we look at some of the best ways to defend yourself and keep you and your family safe.

Carry Some Form Of Personal Defence

Carrying a form of personal defence allows you to stop an attacker in his tracks. Use of a stun gun can literally drop an attacker to the ground, allowing you the ability to retrieve what was stolen, or pepper spray can deter the attacker, giving you time to run away. Remember, if you’re carrying a gun you need to be careful in its application, you wouldn’t want to be brought up on a murder charge. Just remember, some self defence weapons are illegal in certain areas, so be sure to do your research before buying.

Alarm Your House

The home is a source of pride and joy for many people.If your house is properly alarmed you can ensure there will no nasty surprises while you’re sleeping, night is the best time for thieves to operate and if they bump into you on the landing or around the house they could do you some serious harm. Make sure you install good alarms like bay alarms, they can be the difference between alarming and alerting you or being deactivated by a thief.



Know When You’re Being Followed

Sometimes a thief or would be attacker will follow you until you reach a quieter place before they make their move, so knowing when you’re being followed can potentially stop a nasty situation. You need to keep calm, try walking down a street or two at random to see if they’re following you. If this proves to be true, then aim for areas where there are a lot of people. Try to spot a police officer or a security guard, these people of authority can scare your follower away. The same applies if you’re car is being followed, try not to zone out behind the wheel, keep a wary eye. If you’ve got a great car a thief might see it as a sign of wealth and as such follow you home. Drive to a police station or if things get bad quickly, call the emergency number.

Learn Where To Strike Your Opponent

If an attacker gets in close and you have no form of defensive weapon it pays to know how and where to strike an opponent. This can give you the time to get away. Stamping on an attacker’s foot can give you time to run, but you can also kick their shin, these areas cause intense pain and will render their grip on you useless. If they’re persistent go to for the eyes, humans instinctively defend their face so it’ll give you that escape window. There are many self defence tips out there, but don’t overburden yourself, learn one or two techniques and stick to them. You can also take self defence classes if you’re really weary about being attacked or have been in the past and wish to stop it next time.

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