How to protect ankles in basketball


The basketball game is a game where you have to show your movement and skill with fast space. When you are in a high time of the game, you can’t think anything else at that time. You just think of how to get the ball in the hoop. You cant think of getting an injury at this time. So before going to sports, you have to take all the preparation to keep your ankle free form any injury. You have to ensure the top protection to prevent any injury. In the basketball game, you have to face sudden change and stop and that is the time when your ankle faces injury. So you have to know how to protect ankles in basketball.

Ankle injury though a very common injury for players, but it is not acceptable. Because the injury can keep you out of sports for a long time or if it is worse than you have to quit sports. So here I am talking about some ways to protect the ankle:

  • Choose supportive shoes:

Actually, there is no shoe that prevents feet from an ankle sprain or any foot injury. But there are shoes that are shock absorbent and offers traction and physical support.  By this, the improvement of the player’s performance gets better.

  • Wear an ankle brace:

If you have diseases like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, a stress or sprain fracture, then an ankle brace is must for you when you are in a game. In this brace you will see soft shells, stirrups, and a semi-rigid material, they all work for ankle joint protection and stability. You will also feel that your movement is easier and fast.  Your pain will also get relief when you will use the brace. Your performance will also grow better.

  • Proprioceptive exercises are recommended:

You may think by wearing brace and shoes, your ankle will be protected. You will not face any ankle injury and ankle sprain. But the body balance is the main thing. Those who are a sufferer of ankle sprain is tended to get it often. You have to the certain movement, especially exercise like hamstring stretch and single leg balance. These help the improvement in ligament, tendon, and muscle.

  • Don’t get over exhausted:

If you are suffering from the ankle injury, then you have to be careful while playing. Don’t get over excited and go to play. You have to see your body stamina and ankle. If you feel pain while playing then stop the game instantly and go to rest. If the injury happens one time, it will go on and on.  So be careful and don’t take a risk if you feel there is a problem.

The steps of tie up the shoe for ankle support:

  • First, take the shoe and start lacing it.
  • Tie the shoes usually, but let alone the last two holes.
  • When you tie running shoes, you have to tie the two holes side-by-side. Avoid the top part of the shoe.
  • Make a design of cross of the lace and string them from under the first hole. Drag the lace out from the hole and leave them normally.
  • In the second hole put every lace side by side. The lace will look like stitching design.
  • Now take the right lace end and put it in the left stitch. Then take the left one in the right stitch. By this, the extra sides of the shoe will come near and protect the ankle.
  • It is now time to grab the shoe and tight the lace. Tie it to your ease level. Always tie a sole knot with the ties.
  • make a loop with the tie end that gives you utmost comfort level. Use your finger especially thumb and index, then cover it with the tie end. Bind twice and use both fingers at the same time.
  • The lasting tie will be hard-pressed in the space between the two finger thumb and index finger. Then pull out the lace over it and complete the tie.

This is the steps that will keep your ankle harmless with care.

You can’t guarantee that with special care and helpfulness, your ankle will not face injury. Accidents accident. When you face injury in the game, don’t keep playing. Quit the play at that very moment. Take rest. This fast action will give you a relief a lot. When you face injury, now it is time to get proper treatment and careful steps.

As a player, it is important to know how to protect ankles in basketball. Because you have to keep your body and ankle fit for your health. But the main thing is it is not only the shoe that will protect your ankle. It is your lifestyle and body care that will keep you fit. If you are heavy then it will be hard for you to do fast movements in the play because a basketball player needs fast and skilled movement. So shred some weight and eat healthy food. And look for the shoe that will give you comfort and fits your feet very well. So it is up to you to help your ankle to be free from any kind of injury or pain. Be careful about your body and feet. Give your muscle a well-balanced food . all these little steps will keep your feet healthy and your muscle to stay stronger for a long time. Take care and be active.

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