How to Promote Your Magazine or Blog Online

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Blogging and running an online magazine are still considered two of the most lucrative, creative, and rewarding careers a wordsmith might want to build. In this day and age of almost absolute connectedness and various omnichannel solutions that let you grow your presence across different platforms, it’s no wonder a growing number of companies invest in blogs as a part of their digital strategy, too. So, whether your blog or magazine is your only endeavor, or just one segment of your digital strategy, it’s a brilliant opportunity to gain more followers and ultimately improve your business.

Of course, that takes so much more than regular posting on topics you care about. You need a detailed strategy to tackle your digital presence and to make your written word a relevant voice in this online noise. Promoting that blog or magazine is a necessity to get it in front of as many people as possible. Here are a few ways to do just that and enhance your digital presence.

Content research and strategy

You might be a brilliant writer, but that’s far from enough to keep your audience coming back to your articles. Today’s brands need to ensure their writing comes with applicable value, that each reader can actually discover those key takeaways and use them in their life. For that to happen, you need to know what your audience cares about and what they need the most. What’s trending for your audience? What topics do they read about the most? What problems can you solve for them in your articles?

Then, turn to your various analytics tools to see when and where your target readers spend their time, and when they’re most likely to commit to one of your pieces. That will help you craft an effective timeline and a content strategy, filled with relevant blog posts to attract their attention.

Start with brand-wide consistency

online magazine

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Although writing is your strong suit and the core of your business, you need to remember that the visuals that accompany your website are essential to create a memorable experience and increase brand awareness. In case you’re thinking about logo design and other visuals for your site, make sure that you have the necessary talent at hand to handle your entire visual presence.

Above all, once you determine your logo, your ideal typography, accompanying imagery, and other elements, you need to use them across your site and beyond to make sure others will recognize your blog and your articles any time you share them on social media or they receive a newsletter from you.

Ongoing SEO on and off-site

Many bloggers tend to focus on the process of content creation, believing that consistent writing will increase their readership. Alas, search engines play a vital role in this process, so you need to tweak your presence and make sure that you implement the latest technical optimization methods paired with keyword research, link-building, image optimization, and the like.

To focus on brand growth, many magazines and bloggers collaborate with a white label SEO company that tends to their optimization needs. Since SEO is so intricate and constantly changing, this approach can be very beneficial and allow you to work on core business operations while experts handle your SEO. Everything from implementing the actual strategies all the way to monitoring SEO campaigns and reporting results, professionals have become a necessity for bloggers and magazines in recent years to improve their position in the SERPs.

Cross-promotion across social networks

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Social networks are your best opportunities to not just get more eyes on your posts, but to get better engagement on each piece you produce, boost shares, and actively contribute to your link-earning strategy for improved ranking. For starters, treat social networks as your go-to places for notifying users of your blog posts. Add catchy headlines and an occasional, short question with your post to prompt a conversation in the comment section.

Add to that, make sure that your magazine has built-in social sharing buttons on your site. That way, in case someone comes to your blog and reads the piece in its entirety and wants to share it, it’s easy to complete in a single click. If you collaborate with influencers, add blog promotion as a segment of your partnership, don’t use it strictly for products or services. This will raise awareness of each individual piece they promote, and you’ll get more readers more quickly.

Build your subscription list

Yes, despite what many assume, email is far from dead – it’s actually one of the most effective and cost-efficient solutions businesses can use to get their content in front of their target audience. The same applies to magazine editors who want to attract more attention from their devoted readers and spark added curiosity in their writing. With that in mind, you should consider using your newsletter program to promote your articles on a regular basis.

You can even offer different subscription categories, for different users to pick weekly or monthly updates, depending on what they prefer. Some people already have too much chaos in their inboxes, so another email every week might not be a good idea – give your readers options, so that they can customize their subscription model.

Promoting your blog and regular posting is just a portion of your digital battle. You need to invest effort into your continuous on-site and off-site optimization for those blogs to be considered relevant by search engines, and you need to stay in the know of the latest trends in your industry. It’s a complex process that constantly changes, but with the right strategy on your hands, your blog content or your magazine pieces will always get the visibility and engagement they deserve.

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