How To Prepare And Pack Your Electronics When Moving

It is impossible to live without electronic appliances. These allow listening to music, surfing the net, and watching TV. Electronic devices offer entertainment and ideal relaxation in a home. When planning to move, it is very important to keep your devices protected throughout the whole process. Below are some tips to pack and move with your electronics safely and hassle-free.

TVs and monitors

Preparing a TV before moving depends on the type. Some TVs such as plasma TVs are delicate and heavier. This makes them more susceptible to damage from exposure to mishandling and extreme temperatures. LCD screens also need careful handling despite being lighter and less prone to damage. When packing the TV yourself, use its original box with packaging. Alternatively, you can ask the movers for an appropriate box.

To prevent movement in the box, wrap the TV and add a cushion. For a large TV that can’t in a box, the movers can pad and move with it just like furniture. Perhaps the TV manufacturer recommends using third-party services for packing and shipping the TV with installation at the destination. Therefore, consider checking manufacturer recommendation and let the mover know.

Computer and laptop

Before you pack the computer and laptop, back all files on an external hard disk or cloud-based system. This is a proactive measure just in case something happens to the computer throughout the process. Additionally, remove all CDs, USB drives, or flash drives from your computer. Afterward, shut down the computer before you unplug and pack it. This is very important before the best residential movers in San Diego arrive to take our stuff to the new home.

To make installation and hooking up correctly in the new home easier, take pictures of the wiring and color code before uninstalling them. Include connections to the scanner, printer, and monitor as well. Ensure to pack your computer or laptop in the original box. If you don’t have it, get an appropriate box with enough packing material to protect your device.

Printers and scanners

Preparing a printer before moving requires removing the ink cartridges. Pack them separately after covering the nozzles with masking tape. This will prevent them from getting dry when not in use. Removing the cartridges from the printer protects it from damage from ink or toner spills. Keep the cartridges in protecting wrapping to preventing banging that might damage the nozzles. Pack the printer in the original box or use one that fits well after padding the printer.

Audio and video components

These require unhooking before packing. However, you must have the appropriate knowledge to unhook them. To be sure of the wiring configurations, take pictures before reconnection. This will ensure that you install them easily in the new location. It also saves time during re-installation. Mark all wires and connections with different colored tape. This will make putting the connections back together easier and much quicker.

CD or DVD/Blu-ray player

Before packing the CD or DVD/Blu-ray player, remove all disks and place them in the right cases to protect them from possible damage. For players that come with a transport crew underneath that immobilizes components on tightening the screw. Check the owner’s manual whether your player comes with this feature. Additionally, close all trays before packing the device.

Keep this in mind

When packing electrical appliances, it is a good idea to use the original box with original packing materials and padding. Perhaps you didn’t keep the original box. Get a box large enough to fit the device with appropriate packing material. When packing the device, use enough material to give a snug fit so the item doesn’t move in the box. Use bubble wrap for a better and secure cushion compared to using packing paper.

Place all wires, remote, and other accessories to match a particular device. This will prevent spending time and effort looking for them when unpacking. Secure the boxes with pieces of packing tape for a tight seal. This will prevent the boxes from breaking during transit leading to considerable damage to your electronic devices.

Unpacking electronics in the new home

On your arrival, avoid plugging in your devices. Wait for about 24 hours before using your devices including computer and TV. This allows the devices to become used to the temperature and humidity in the new environment especially if you move during a colder period.

Bottom line

Various reasons including the need to get bigger space might make you move. This requires taking all your assets with you. Among these includes electronic devices such as TV and computer for your entertainment and relaxation needs. It is very important to understand the best way to pack your devices before the move. This will protect them from damage to ensure they work just fine after you have settled in the new location.

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