How to plan your inbound marketing program

inbound marketing, content marketing

Good content marketing is the key to success to create brand affinity and to build a new audience of potential customers. The world of inbound and content marketing is complex and many brands struggle to prove that the time and effort they put into it is leading to real returns.

Check out the infographic from SmartInsights below, this infographic makes the complexity visible. Quality content needs to be produced, distributed, and performance must be tracked, creating three unique challenges that marketers must face. And yet, content is a key aspect to many of Forbes’ “10 Trends Driving the Future of Marketing.”

You don’t have to invest a lot of time to profit from your content marketing efforts. Buzzstarter, has created a tool that automates both content distribution and performance tracking. It takes branded content and matches it to publishers who have significant reach among your target audience. The content gets placed in-feed on those blogs, meaning it appears just like other editorial content. They also track campaign performance and give clients access to it through an easy to use dashboard. You can learn more about the company on their website or sign up for a demo.


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