How to Plan a Unique Luxury Getaway

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A vacation is quite often the highlight of a year; it’s time we’ve looked forward to, where we can relax and spend precious moments together. Whether you plan an epic trip with your whole family, or you prefer spur of the moment getaways with your partner, it’s always an exciting time organizing where you are going to go. Perhaps you have your favorite locations, the ones which you return to year after year, or maybe you want to find somewhere new, regardless, your next vacation deserves to one full of luxury, from your luxury Extended Stay hotel, to your activities, and even where you travel to. But how do you plan the ideal luxury getaway? Take note of the three ways below to get you started:

Upgrade Your Accommodation

If you want to truly make your next vacation a luxury getaway, why not reconsider the accommodation you usually choose? If you usually opt for self-catering accommodation or a hotel room, an alternative idea would be to search for villa holidays instead. Your villa is somewhere you can call home away from home, where you can relax and unwind with your nearest and dearest. By choosing a villa holiday, you have the opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful locations around the world and have somewhere to lay your head in comfort. Plus, choosing a villa gives you more flexibility in terms of what you do during your vacation.  Click Here for Villas. If you don’t want to head out one night to a restaurant, you can easily cook in the kitchen and create a home-cooked meal to share with your loved ones.

Choose a Destination Out-of-the-Ordinary

Instead of choosing a popular tourist hotspot, where thousands flock every season, why not look further afield to discover somewhere you would have never considered before? If you are searching for a unique location, one which doesn’t see as many visitors, why not opt for an incredible island destination, such as Mauritius? With its relaxed way of life, crystal clear sea and white sand beaches, this is somewhere you can truly unwind, letting any stress simply melt away. For those who love the natural world, a safari in Kenya is an incredible way to experience outstanding animals, such as Rothschild giraffes, up close and in style. Long gone are the days of safari’s where you hike for miles and sleep under the stars (although this is still an incredible experience!). Today, a luxury safari can allow you to get close to nature, enjoy a private guide, and rest in 5-star accommodation.

Experience Something New

Visiting a new destination gives you the chance to experience something new. Whether that’s a brand-new activity, trying new cuisines, or exploring a region you’ve never seen before, this is something which can make your next vacation better than ever. Trying something new not only breaks you out of your comfort zone, but it helps you create life-long memories which you will cherish for many years, especially if you create them with your loved ones. What you experience is, of course, personal preference, but a few options to consider could be taking a hot air balloon ride over the Dubai desert, attending a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in Tokyo, and experiencing the thrill of a zip line.

Are you tired of traveling on land? Explore your destination on the waters. If you own a boat, you can sail toward your destination and travel to places via aquatic channels—no crowding with other travelers, no traffic, and no noisy hotel room neighbors. Transform your boat into a luxury vessel with aesthetic and modern upgrades. Install new boat lights, reupholster your furniture, and add technology to your ride. Now, you’re ready to sail to the sunset with your partner.


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