How to Plan a Luxurious LA Wedding


The best day of your life deserves only the best venue, dress, cake, reception, and entertainment – and if you’re planning on getting married in Los Angeles, you’ll want the event to be as luxurious and memorable as possible. Whatever your personal taste and style, there are a number of ways that you can add a touch of luxury to a wedding in LA, whether you’re planning a large affair with hundreds of wedding guests, or want a quieter, low-key wedding surrounded by your family and closest friends. We’ve put together a list of top tips aimed at brides (and grooms) to be planning a luxury wedding in Los Angeles.

The Venue

Where you hold your wedding and wedding reception is crucial, as it’s going to be the location where the best day of your life takes place. Picking the wrong venue or a bad venue could end up in disaster, and if the venue doesn’t match up to your expectations, it could result in the whole day being ruined. For this reason, it’s always best to visit a number of potential venues beforehand to get a feel for the place and an idea of how well they host weddings. Don’t just assume that if you’re told over the phone that they have a lot of bookings that they must be good – you don’t know if they’re actually telling the truth! Online reviews and guest photos can often tell you a lot about how well a venue hosts weddings, although it’s best not to go to their own website – forums and wedding discussion sites are likely to render a more honest view. Even better, if you know anybody who has gotten married or been a guest at a particular venue, ask them for their opinion. Thankfully, in Los Angeles you are spoilt for choice with a great range of venues and banquet halls that are perfect for a luxurious wedding.

The Dress

No wedding day is complete without a wedding dress! If you’ve been dreaming of wearing a princess like dress on your wedding day since you were a little girl, you’ll be happy to know that LA has a selection of superb bridal shops where you can buy stunning dresses for both you and your bridesmaids. When it comes to picking the dress, you should prioritize it in your budget – after all, it’s an iconic outfit that you have been looking forward to for ages, and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. A stunning, well-fitting wedding gown will also make you feel confident and beautiful on your big day. If your budget allows, visit a bridal store in LA to be fitted with a unique, luxurious designer gown. For those on a tighter budget, there are also a number of bridal stores in the area where you can buy exceptional wedding dresses at lower prices, without compromising on luxury.


When it comes to holding a luxury wedding, the way that your wedding and reception venues are decorated can make all the difference. Choose a color theme and stick to it – you might also want to consider a number of other factors when choosing a color theme, such as the time of year that you’re getting married. Pastel colors work well for a luxury wedding theme, whereas dramatic, darker colors can give a very elegant and luxurious touch when contrasted with a lighter color such as cream. Woody, earthy colors are also excellent choices for autumn weddings, and can add an element of luxury too.

The Extras

Planning a luxury wedding means implementing luxury ‘extras’, so don’t forget to book your wedding photographer, or order your wedding cars. When choosing a photographer, it’s crucial that you hire a trained professional with a good portfolio, as the photos that they’ll take are some that you’ll hang on to and keep for the rest of your life. It’s far better to spend a little more money on a professional photographer, no matter how tempting it may seem to let your cousin with a camera do it for free. Wedding cars come in all types, shapes and sizes, or for real luxury you could even go with a horse and carriage – although if this isn’t done right it could look quite tacky, so be careful with your choice!

Are you currently planning, or have you planned a luxury wedding? Or are you a professional wedding planner with some helpful advice to give? Whether you’re a bride, groom, bridesmaid, or planner, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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