How to plan a beach wedding


You decided to have your ideal beach wedding destination in a beautiful location. Now that the wedding is paid for and all the logistics are handled, it’s time to plan for the beach wedding ceremony. When planning a wedding ceremony on the beach there are some consideration that must be made. A tropical beach environment is very different from the city or country environment that many are used to.

Those having beach events will have to adapt to the different environment. Clothing attire will take some extra thought to ensure comfort. When thinking of marriage we have an image of the groom and his groomsmen styled in sophisticated tuxedos or suits. Tropical climates will make you regretting the choice of wearing a tuxedo. Lighter weight clothing is more appropriate in this situation as it adhere to the weather. Women also have to change to a lighter fabric. The fabric choice must be one that is light yet doesn’t capture small particles. Make sure you carry your hair well, you can create more volume in your hair with 360 lace frontal wigs or with clip in hair extension.

beach wedding

When inviting your friends and loved ones they must understand that your celebration will be different than the traditional wedding experience. Let them know the event will be outdoors. It’s very common for wind and sand to be blown around in some capacity. To ensure you beach wedding goes smooth, you can also wear micro loop hair extension.

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