How to pick the perfect tattoo

You see them everywhere nowadays: tattoos. In your group of friends, at work. However, you better take the time and do not make hasty decisions, because you will spend the rest of your life walking around with a tattoo. So think of these tips to pick the perfect tattoo.

Tattoo research

Do your research on and choose something that has been in your head for a while. Immerse yourself in different designs and talk to tattoo artists. They all have their own specialties and they can give you great examples. Choose the artist who is not all-round good, but who is a pro in his specialty such as graphics, typography, Asian etc.

Preparation on the day itself

Depending on the tattoo, it can be a long job. So eat a good meal in advance, because this makes you quieter and allows you to sit longer without a break.

Take good examples with you

Suppose you want to have a photo put on your body, then you better have a razor-sharp photo with you instead of a bad, pixelated photo. It is even advisable to take several photos with you, so that the artist has a good reference. That also makes his job a bit easier.

Do not bring dozens of supporters

Certainly with your first tattoo, you want someone with you, because you have never experienced the pain and the entire process. No problem, but keep the number of “supporters” limited. After all, they get bored quickly and the situation for the artist often doesn’t get better. And if there is something you don’t want, it’s an irritated tattoo artist.

Trust the artist

Don’t worry, those artists really know what they are doing. Certainly if you have done good research into the suitable artist, there is nothing to worry about. Trust is therefore very important.

Good aftercare

When the work of the tattoo artist is finished, the work really starts for you. Taking care of your tattoo requires the necessary attention. You should buy one of the following tattoo lotions to take care of your skin. It is wise to avoid direct sunlight for a couple weeks. You should wait a while before swimming and taking a bath until it is completely healed.

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