How to Organize a Luxurious Fashion Event

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Organizing different events is always interesting, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to find venues and think creatively. However, organizing fashion events is even more interesting. First of all, it’s not an event that you get to organize very often, and secondly, it can shift you back to the time of Naomi Campbell and the good old Versace and make you experience something completely different. But, there’s one problem. Organizing a luxurious fashion event is not the same as organizing a party at a local pub. What are the things that you need to have in mind to make your fashion event extremely successful?

Create a buzz

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The most important thing about having a successful luxurious fashion event is to create a certain buzz. How will you do this? With the help of social media. Make sure that you have some killer posters about the actual event and place them on different social networks. Bear in mind that creating a buzz and advertising on social media is not the same thing. The creation of the buzz should not reveal any information about the actual event; the buzz is there to make the public interested in what is the thing that you’re trying to make happen. The most effective thing you can do here is be completely cryptic and choose, for example, one word that you will place on all posters and upload them on all social media. Of course, this word has to portrait the essence of your fashion event, but the public will understand that only later. Make people talk about your event. Make them interested in what the actual thing exactly is. Use a good font and good graphic design as this is one of the most important things for an effective campaign.


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Once you do this, it’s time to slowly reveal your fashion event. Now you can put all the necessary information on posters, and make a strong social network campaign. The first platform that you want to have in mind for advertising is, of course, Instagram, as it’s the best platform for this purpose. Make sure to advertise all the parts of your fashion show. Say who the performers will be (if any), and state why your fashion show is different. One way to do this is by hiring excellent party entertainment that will keep everyone captivated – this is always a very interesting choice that everyone should opt for. Putting their names on the posters and making people know what they can expect from your fashion event is a great idea as well.

Lighting and music

As far as the organization of the venue is concerned, apart from having a good and spacious backstage and runway (if this is the kind of a fashion event that you want to organize), it’s very important to invest in the lighting and the music. Remember that lighting is the first thing that you need to deal with once you start with the organization of the venue, as lighting can make or break your show. You don’t want it to be too light, but also not too dark. Introducing neon lights, like Prada did in 2018, is a win-win scenario, as these colors are quite popular at the moment, and they can look amazing on stage. Finally, think about the music and the kind of atmosphere you want to create. If you want your fashion show to be a bit retro and melancholic, make sure to choose music that’s nostalgic and that gives out that feeling. If you want something vibrant and lively, choose music that everyone loves and can dance to.

Invite famous guests

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Next up, ask certain celebrities or influencers for help. Asking them to join your campaign and advertise the fashion event as well is probably one of the most effective things for your campaign. Moreover, invite them to join the event as either models or VIP guests. Have a red carpet (this is a must for any event), and a wall with all of your sponsors in front of which celebrities and VIP guests can take photos and put them online. Other people will see this on their Instagram feed and your fashion event will have more publicity, which is a great thing to have for your next fashion event.

These are the four most important steps for the organization of a luxurious fashion event. Of course, you need to choose a good and luxurious venue first, but we shouldn’t put that on the list as well, now, should we? Now that you have everything under control, pass out invitations and think about the bar, buffet and the after party. These are the small things that you can think about after you finish with the major ones, so no pressure here. Have a great night and good luck with your fashion event!

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