How to Never Lose Your Earrings


The last time I lost my earrings I thought it was time for a solution, since I don’t want to lose my precious earrings anymore.

If you are like me you love jewelry and especially earrings. Unfortunately I lost my most precious earrings going out with friends, during vacation or just while shopping. Its really annoying, I arrive home from a day of shopping with a friend and when I look in the mirror I realize I only have one earring in. Unfortunately its almost impossible to find the earring back since it just slide off and I can’t wear the earrings anymore because it looks weird wearing one earring.
Another scenario I go out with friends and I wear my big fashionable earrings because they are so heavy they get loose all the time, so instead of me enjoying my time with friends I’m busy checking if my earrings are still in. This happens a lot when I have my earrings for a while and somehow they get loose.

The last time I lost my earrings I thought it was time for a solution, since I don’t want to loose my precious earrings anymore. So I discovered Lox locking earring backs, a system that secures your earrings in the back. I honestly wished I knew about it before. So now that I finally found a solution I wanted to share it with you.

They are a bit bigger than the traditional earring backs and available in silver and gold, they will fit with 99% of the stud earrings you have. If you are allergic to certain materials you can be rest assured they are hypo-allergenic so your ears won’t get irritated. They are easy to use just push and when you want to remove squeeze it off. I’m happy I found a solution that actually works now I can wear my most precious earrings without worrying I will lose them.

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