How to match jewelry with your outfit

Do you wonder every morning what jewelry you should wear with your outfit? When should you wear gold and when should you wear silver? Can you combine everything or are there really no go’s when it comes to jewelry? With these tips, it will never be difficult for you to find a suitable piece of jewelry for your outfit.

High-quality jewelry

When you buy jewelry go for high-quality, has a great selection of high-quality jewelry that won’t break the bank. You can shop affordable rings, earrings watches and they ship worldwide! 

Same style

If you combine your jewelry, look carefully at the style of your jewelry. Are they vintage or sleek? Are they striking with bright colors and printing or are they minimalistic? Make sure that you wear all your jewelry in the same style.


There are a number of things to look out for when styling your earrings. They have to match the rest of your jewelry and the entire outfit. If you wear a  statement necklace, it is better to wear simple small earrings. Otherwise, your entire outfit will become overwhelming. Are you wearing your hair loose? Then it is nice to wear long, full earrings. That way they stand out better,  combine them with a subtle necklace.

Gold or silver?

The most important thing when combining jewelry is that you choose between gold or silver. Try to avoid combining these two colors. Silver earrings with a gold necklace usually don’t match well. With a dark sweater, gold jewelry looks better and with a summer dress, silver jewelry often looks better.

Bracelets and watches

Make sure that your outfit becomes one by combining the color of your watch to your clothing. Do you have a rose-colored watch, then wear a rose-colored bag or top for example. Does your watch have a gold border? Then wear gold subtle bracelets next to it. You can also combine the materials of your jewelry well. Is your watch made of leather? Then carry a leather bag with it. Is your watch made of suede? Then wear suede shoes with your outfit.

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