How to Make Your Household Green


It’s perfectly healthy and proper to take pride in your home, designing your chosen style down to doorknobs, pillowcases and the little stack of books on the coffee table. Likewise, the environment and what we can do to help save it is a growing concern for home-owners who are conscious of their impact on the environment. This article proposes solutions to combine these two pressing objectives so that you can go green without sacrificing the look of your beautiful home interior. Making the small adjustments recommended below will guarantee you peace of mind that you’re doing your bit for the planet, without radically changing your lifestyle.

Electricity Saving

Every room in your house will have lights and appliances that consume electricity. It’s how you choose to alter these that will save electricity. There are evermore attractive and cheap options where this is concerned; from energy-saving light bulbs to TV screens designed with efficiency at their core. Of course, a wonderful off-setter for your carbon footprint is to invest in renewable electricity; if you’re lucky enough to have a roof that is blessed with enough sunlight to make it economically viable, you should be rushing to install solar panels that’ll save you hundreds of bucks in the long-run.

Water Saving

Another necessity that makes a house a comfortable home is a ready supply of hot and cold water. This is a luxury no one should attempt to persuade you to live without, but once again there are subtle adjustments to be made that’ll significantly reduce your water wastage. From using the plugs in sinks to limiting shower or bath time, to checking out the plumbing info behind low-flush toilets, these little changes in behavior and equipment will go an awfully long way.

Think Ethical

These days, there’s a deluge of information out there as to why you shouldn’t be buying the likes of ivory to spruce up your interiors. Felling a mahogany tree for your dining room table brings down a huge patch of Amazonian rainforest with it. So, the name of the game is sustainable materials; from fabric to hardwoods, metals to plastics. If the resources making up your newest additions to your stylish household are on sustainable lists, you’re not buying into destructive and unethical behaviors.

Recycle and Reuse

An ordinary family throws a mountain of trash out every week. Just ask the person whose job it is to take it out! Changing your buying habits, and seeing the use of certain materials, can significantly reduce your addition to landfill sites. Using a lot of jars? How about you make them into little pots for plants which your children can paint. An empty bottle of bubbly? That’ll make a stylish candle holder. Creative ideas on how to reuse and recycle trash are ultimately lots of fun to enact, especially for kids.

With these useful tips under your belt, there’s no excuse not to begin saving the planet from the comfort of your own home.

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