How to Make Your First Christmas Together Extra Special

For many people, the most special day of the year is Christmas. It is a magical holiday that can make even the most serious of adults feel like little kids. This wonderful time of year can feel especially enchanting if you are spending it with a new love. Couples spending their first Christmas together get the unique chance to embrace each other’s traditions for the first time, create new traditions of their own, and simply soak up the special moments of the day. Here are a few tips to help you make this Christmas one to remember.

Embrace the Festive Season

A great way to make this Christmas more enjoyable is to embrace the festive season early. Hearing Christmas tunes on the radio in September may feel wrong, and some may have cynical thoughts about Christmas stock appearing on the shelves of a supermarket too far in advance. However, by mid-November, it is acceptable to begin feeling festive. Now is the time to enjoy getting cosy together on the sofa with a hot cup of cocoa and begin making plans for Christmas. When December finally arrives, treat each other to advent calendars to help you mark down the days until Christmas.

Pop The Question

For some people, popping the question during your first Christmas together may seem too fast, too soon. However, if the moment feels right and you know that you and your other half are made for each other, then why wait? Proposing on Christmas morning can be incredibly romantic, and it will most definitely make this Christmas a memorable one. For a beautiful engagement ring that will make your partner say ‘yes’, get a bespoke piece made especially for your loved one. Visit a reputable London based jewellers that specialises in engagement rings. For more information and inspiration, visit

Split Your Time Fairly

Spending Christmas together for the first time usually means making compromises when visiting family. To ensure the festive period goes smoothly, make sure you speak to each other openly about what you want and discuss the best way to split your time fairly. For some, this could mean spending Christmas morning in one household then popping over to the others later in the day. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is a mutual decision and that you are both happy with the arrangements.

Honour Old Traditions

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions that they adhere to every year. From putting on a fresh pair of PJs on Christmas Eve to enjoying a glass of Buck’s fizz in the morning, it is important to honour old traditions. However, one of the joys of spending Christmas with your partner for the first time is adding new traditions to the mix. New traditions often come naturally, such as shopping for Christmas gifts together. Creating new traditions can be a great way to feel closer together. They can include watching your favorite festive movie and visiting your local Christmas market.

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