How to make your curls last longer

Everyone loves bouncy curls that last longer, but what is more vital is beautiful, flawless curls that last all day long. The following are the ways to make your curls last longer.


The people who are born with straight and thick hair, getting the right hair volume is not a concern for they’re already there. On the other hand, people with limp hair need to focus on their hair before getting curls by either using home remedies or the getting the right product from the market that will help with increment in the volume and fix hair volume issue. The products should be suitable for the hair and weigh it down by causing them to fall off or break.

Don’t wash your hair right before curling it

The best hair start with is second or third-day hair. The reason for this is that the natural oils from the scalp give the hair a grittier texture and natural hold without the need for hair mousse, so the chances that the curls will last longer is better.

Try braiding or twisting

Sometimes we want that premium definition that lasts far beyond a day or two. That’s when braiding or twisting comes in. Divide the hair into a smaller section and twist both the small parts wrapping into any knot of your choice. Leave it overnight and take down without sectioning so as not to disturb the curls. The twisting will enable them to last for more than a day if placed in a bonnet at night.


A good gel will help to get those long-lasting curls for long hair. It is essential for your hair to have the right feel to be able to hold a curl all day and night. It is gain with the right hair products. Investing in a good curling spray or mousse does wonders. Since mousse contains alcohol, it will remove some of the moisture from your hair which further enhances the hair’s grit and holds. You can as well use it on your wet hair or dry to get the right texture for holding the curls for long.

Dry shampoos also contribute to the addition of texture t the hair by applying it to the roots of the hair using your fingers. Working it through the hair neutralizes the oil in the hair keeping its texture soft and the curls intact.

Use the right hair products

The use of heat protectant products is so important when it comes to styling the hair before applying heat styling. These products will not only protect your hair from heat damage and as well keep your hair healthy and firm. They can be found in most of the drug stores, or you can opt for certain oils as heat protectants. It could be a hair spray where you can spray a bit before and after curling, or mousse depending on what is suitable for your hair.

Use hot cullers for fine/ limp hair

If you have fine or soft hair, ditch curling or flat irons. Going with hot Culler works way better on fine hair when you want the curls to last long. High-end curling irons and curling wands are a coat with tourmaline or ceramic, which are materials proven to cause less damage to the hair than straight metal. They might be more expensive, but they are less damaging and will last for an extended period and give better results. Use of flat iron with rounded off sides. Use of hot cullers isn’t easy and will take practice for sure, but it is worth it all once you figure out.

Cooling down the curls

It is one of the most essential and working tricks on how to let the curls stay long. When you wrap your hair around a curling iron, the heat transferred onto the hair strands which is what makes them change from their original shape into a curly one. So take each of the free curls and secure it with a pin or a clip. Once the hair is pinned it cools down and allows the hair cuticle to close and set in place which in turn makes it last longer. Before letting down the hair, make sure it has cool down for a couple of minutes before brushing them down because if the curls break out so fast, they will lose their shape and not stay curly for long.

Curl without Heat

If you want to avoid hair damage through heat, you can opt for other option by curling your hair without any use of heat at all. Braiding the hair overnight comes in handy to find fresh loose waves.

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