How to make your birthday party more fun

birthday party

Have you ever been to a boring birthday party where you sit in the living room with the other guests waiting for it to be over? I’m sure you have attend one of these birthdays or maybe you have been celebrating your own birthday like this. But why keep your birthday a boring event? When you celebrate, your birthday there is no need to keep it the traditional way. Instead, surprise yourself and your guests with a fun theme or activity! It’s always good to add a little extra. If you have no idea what to do read this article for great ideas to make your birthday party more fun.

Bubble soccer
This is a game that anyone would enjoy. If you want to do your birthday party outdoors, bubble soccer is the answer your looking for! It’s fun and active. You can find bubble soccer online don’t worry it’s not going to be that expensive.

Dress code 
Do you want people to show up with a mask? Choose a carnival dress code. Or go for a fun color rule for example everyone who attends your birthday needs to wear something in the color red. Choosing a theme is great for pictures and it will create an exciting atmosphere.

Bumper Ball for kids
A lot of kids get bored during a birthday. So its great if you have a fun activity for them. Bumper balls and zorb ball games are fun to play for kids. Bumper balls can be played indoor and outdoor. A birthday party is a success when every guests feels entertained and Bumper ball for kids is a great way to do that. Not in the mood for zorb or bumber balls you can easily get an inflatable slide online.

Competitive shooting game
Bring out your competitive side with a fun shooting game that both adults and kids of both genders can enjoy. Plus, shooting games doesn’t have to be painful and messy as you can use these gel balls that are water-based. The best part, there’s no cleaning involved as it disappears after 15 minutes once shot.

birthday party

Makeup corner
If there’s a lot of females on your birthday party hire a makeup artist that can give a short makeup course. There is no woman who wouldn’t appreciate it! Depending on your budget you can give them a nice goodie bag with makeup or skincare.

Choose a theme
If you find it hard to come up with ideas think about a theme. For example circus. For sure this will create a spectacular event! A clown that will blow up balloons for kids, popcorn in different flavours, a  cotton candy machine. Or hire some acrobats that will do tricks in the air. You can go as crazy as you want with this theme. But you will be rest assured your birthday is going to be a day to remember for all your guests including yourself!


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