How to Make Sure Your Guests Are Having Fun at Your Wedding?

A wedding is your day, but it’s also an event you want to share with the people closest to you. Even if there’s an odd person here and there that you’ve invited solely out of spite, the truth is that most of the guests are people you genuinely care about.

So, you want them to leave your wedding with the best impression possible. While this may sound unfair, they will eventually forget what kind of table linen or flower arrangements you had at the reception or whether you had a band or a DJ. They’ll never forget whether they had a good time or bad.

So, what do you do with this fact? Do you just randomly select every aspect of your wedding décor and organization? Of course not, nothing that extreme! You just need to put some extra focus on guest experience and double down on factors that will actually affect their fun levels. What are these factors? Well, let’s dive in and find out!

1.    Make your cocktail hour longer

Everyone loves the cocktail hour; however, some believe they must take the word “hour” at its face value. There’s literally no reason why this should be the case. You can fully randomize and customize this custom with some unique wedding cocktail hour ideas. You can also personalize it by serving the couple’s favorite cocktail.

One of the more unique ideas is to create an interactive drinks station. Why not let your guests make their own cocktails? Just make sure that you have a professional close by, if for no other reason than to assist in avoiding some of the most unfortunate mixtures and their effects.

You are also not restricted to cocktails. This is an idea that will completely revolutionize your outlook on this matter. You could also organize wine or beer-tasting events. This will automatically change the nature of your cocktail hour and ensure a unique wedding experience for all your guests.

If one of the partners comes from a different culture, you could make a themed station to honor it. Some cocktails stem from various regions or cultures; you might want to honor that sentiment as best as possible.

2.    Play games

There’s no easier way to stand out as a wedding party than to throw in some games. Now, you may claim that most weddings nowadays host games in one form or another, but with so many games out there, it really doesn’t change a thing.

For instance, if you host a wedding bingo or photo scavenger, your wedding will be remembered as “the wedding where we played photo scavenger,” etc. Also, you can add a personal stamp even with a generic game.

The key thing to remember is to observe your guests as a general public. A game you and your closest two friends want to play may be enticing but try to take the lowest common denominator. Is your elderly aunt going to enjoy (at least spectating)? This, too, should be a factor. No one should be forced to play but watching should be universally fun.

3.    Add a photo booth

Every wedding has a photographer. You want the memory to last, to fill up the photo book, and more. Still, in the era of smartphones, you can know with 100% certainty that the number of photos uploaded on Instagram stories (during and immediately after the wedding) will overcome the number of those photos that are professionally taken.

So, how do you make this aspect of your wedding stand out? How do you make it even more fun? Getting a great light and picking a proper venue will already help make these stories more epic. You shouldn’t underestimate this since it will passively (subconsciously) impact the amount of fun they’re having.

The best idea, however, is to get a phone booth. This allows your guests to make their own keepsakes and have incredible fun. Sure, there are other ways to make photos in the 21st century, but none are even remotely as fun.

4.    Hire performers

A good wedding band can carry you through the evening. It’s not just that they play great music and can adjust to guest requests (if this is the arrangement that you’ve made); there’s no better announcer than a charismatic frontperson. However, you don’t have to restrict yourself in this manner. You can hire an actual announcer or a performer.

Before you book that rent sound system, remember that instead of just going for a live band, you can keep the event a bit “classier” and hire a string quartet. They will add elegance to your cocktail hour and make everything appear like a scene from a high-society party.

Some couples like to get a stand-up comedian to entertain the guests. Their fees are quite affordable and, if you find the right one, it could make your night.

Dance performers and magicians are also a great idea. This way, you can truly take your wedding in a unique direction.

5.    Pick the right music

The biggest challenge is finding the right music. This will set the tone for the entire event, so you need to be extra careful.

First, you want to negotiate whether they’ll take song requests. While this intuitively sounds good, it could get messy in practice. So, it might be for the best just to avoid it.

Another interesting idea is to get a tribute band. Why not have your little concert with your favorite band? Many couples met at festivals or concerts, so finding a matching tribute band would be fitting.

Wrap up

It would be best if you thought this through. Sure, it sounds like the easiest solution to put yourself in your guest’s shoes, but this can be misleading. What’s fun for you and what’s fun for them can be two opposite things. Put some thought into this and consult your spouse. You don’t have to keep it a surprise; ask a couple of your closest friends for their opinion and factor it in.

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