How to Make Sure That Your Luxury Items are Kept Safe

luxury items

They are our most valuable possessions, and having in mind how much time, effort, and ultimately money we have involved in getting them in the first place, it is perfectly reasonable to make sure to keep them secure. Whether you own a luxury car, an entire home laden with precious artistic pieces, or you are a luxurious jewelry collector, there are different ways to make sure that your luxury items will not only stay in your possession, but also stay in as best shape as possible.

Protect your luxury home

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If you own a house and live a luxurious lifestyle, you can either be constantly afraid of the idea of a potential burglary, or you can research for some effective ways of obtaining an all-encompassing form of protection: an alarm system that covers your entire house. This is particularly relevant for collectors of fine art, who often have expensive and valuable paintings on their walls and having them hidden from the views of visitors defeats the entire purpose of buying them.

Your beautiful home is probably your own work of art, in which you have put so much time, money and effort to get inspiring luxury home design. That is why it is important to have smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and perhaps even a surveillance system at the entrance. An alarm system is the best possible recommendation to keep your entire home and all your valuables on display safe.

Car insurance

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If you’re proud to be an owner of a powerful and expensive vehicle, then you certainly know how important it is to not only keep your car in the best condition possible but also to protect it from any accidents. No matter how safe your neighbourhood may be, or how reliable your garage seems, it’s best to obtain comprehensive car insurance that will make you stop worrying about any mishaps.

When considering insurance options, research for the ones that covers not only accidents or theft, but also any natural disasters that may occur (for example earthquakes, floods, or fires). Some policies include even a rental vehicle coverage or a replacement car for some time after you’ve lost your vehicle.

Safety deposit box

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You might not think about it as a regular practice for luxury items per se, but having a safety deposit box at your disposal is a useful and easy way to have a spare nook for extra safety when you travel or when you’re having too many visitors at your house. They can be used for many items, such as valuable papers, copies of your will and an inventory of your possessions. You can also keep your jewellery that you don’t wear too often safe here.

Insurance policy for your phone

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Fancy vehicles fans have probably heard of a few hand-picked luxurious smartphones made by some of the most famous producers in the car-making industry such as Bentley or Lamborghini. On the other hand, ladies love the prestige that the Black Diamond iPhone 5 brings, but all these mighty cell phones come with a lot of responsibility, and they actually deserve some extra effort to ensure their safety, starting with an insurance policy.

In addition to the basic biometric and password protection, if you have an important data saved on your luxury phone, do not forget to have a cloud backup of that information that you can access in case your phone gets lost or stolen. You can also consider remote wiping. This assures the possibility of removing any data at the moment your phone is connected to the internet, even though it’s not in your possession.

Get a safe for your luxury items

luxury items

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All of us who are in love with our luxe watches, jewellery and wearables know that we cannot risk leaving our entire valuable collection exposed at all times. Even when we decide to wear them, on some way we a risk of having it stolen. That’s why it is important to find the way to ensure your most precious pieces, or the entire collection. When it comes to keeping them secure in your own house and available to wear them any time you want it, having a safe is a good idea to protect it.

If you are a collector and you know that your current wearable wealth is going to grow, than it is a good idea to get a larger, heavier safe that thieves couldn’t possibly carry out of your home. However, if you plan to keep the number of your jewellery limited, there are smaller and more discrete options that would work for you.

Some of our luxury items are inherited, and some are the products of our wealthy careers and passion for collecting nice luxurious pieces. No matter how much we are attached to it, sometimes keeping them outside of our houses and out the reach of thieves is the smartest way to make them safe.


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