How To Make Building A Pool More Affordable

A pool in the backyard is a dream for a lot of people, but the cost of building and maintaining a pool can put a lot of people off. If you want a pool, but aren’t sure if you can afford it, try some of these tips to make building a pool more affordable.

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Wait On The Heater

A heater is a common add-on for pools. Waiting until you’ve owned the pool for a couple of seasons is smart as you can better gauge whether you actually need one and what type might work best for you.

Heat pumps are more popular than gas or propane heaters. Heat pumps can also come with chillers, which cool the water as well as warm it. If you’ve owned the pool for a while, you can decide which kind of heat pump is the best fit for your pool. It can save you quite a bit if you wait and make the right choice.

Add More Patio Later

Whether you’re looking at concrete or fiberglass pools, one of the most expensive parts of the project is the patio. If you’re on a budget, get only a 3’ concrete apron to start with, and add on more patio later on when you’ve saved more money.

Paving slabs are usually the best option, as they can be better integrated with an existing patio and are very flexible in terms of the design you have.

Size Isn’t Everything

A common issue is getting so caught up in having a huge pool, that you end up not being able to afford the pool at all. This logic doesn’t make sense, especially as many people have pools installed for their children. Children will use a pool for hours, no matter how small or large it is. Stay small if you’re on a budget.

Plumb For The Slide Or Water Feature

Just like adding heating, slides and water features are easy to add later on, as long as you put in the plumbing for them during the construction of the pool.

Adding these options makes sense if you’re on a budget, as the slide alone can easily cost $2000 or more to install. Water features can be expensive too.

If you install the simple plumbing at the start of the project, you can save thousands at the start of the project, save up again, and then fit and enjoy a slide or water feature later on without having to dig up parts of the pool to lay the plumbing.

Install The Cover At The End Of The Season

This applies to people who buy a security cover.

Most people have the pool installed at the start of the year, so it makes sense to wait until the end of the season to fit the security cover, as you won’t have any use for it during the summer.

Security covers aren’t cheap, but you can delay this cost by a few months to spread the cost out.

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