How to make a Cheap Masquerade Mask


Whether you are in search of Halloween ideas or you are just into masks, you are at the right place. This article highlights how you can make a masquerade mask, it’s cheap and easy to do. As much as doing this is fun and entertaining, you get to save a lot of money since most of the materials used are leftovers from other things. You do not have to walk out and go buy anything from the store. You do not need a mask so that you decide to make one. These are the steps you need to follow to make a masquerade mask with paper or card. Of course, if you want to save time, you can choose the one you want here.



¡¤ Glue

¡¤ Scissors

¡¤ Paint

¡¤ Pencil

¡¤ Dowel

¡¤ Decorative materials

¡¤ Thick paper.

Step 1: Selecting the mask design.

A normal mask should go above the eyebrows slightly and end at the top of the cheekbone. This is just the standard one; yours does not have to be that way. You should look for ideas from the internet and also get to decide the materials you want to use.

Step 2: Sketch or print the outline of your design on paper.

To get the best results, you can use cardstock or even several pieces of paper to make it stronger.

Step 3: Add details to the outline.

This is the step whereby you get to know if you really like the shape of your mask. It gives you the ability to adjust it and add details. Consider adding stars, hearts or flames to the outline to make it even more interesting.

Step 4: Cut out the mask.

You need to be very careful when it comes to this particular step. Make sure you use a pair of scissors that is good to avoid tears. Leave some room on the sides. Trim the eyeholes larger than your actual eyes since it is safer and more comfortable.

Step 5: Mark your mask for painting.

This is a move that you will not regret surely since the painting will be precise. The marks you make have to be light so that they do not appear through the paint. The outlines you sketch before will be very crucial when it comes to maintaining symmetry.

Step 6: Paint your mask.

Be very careful. Your fingers should not touch the wet paint to avoid messing your clothes. Apply several coats so that you get rich hue. The choice of color is a personal choice, but you need to use bright colors. Make sure you use a small brush.

Step 7: Let the paint dry fully.

Patience is very important when it comes to this step. The paint might take a while before it actually dries up. Place it in an open area and let it dry. It could even take up to 4 hours.

Step 8: Stick the extras.

What you decide to attach is entirely upon you. But keep in mind that putting too much will make the mask seem overdone and it will not look beautiful. Masquerade masks are normally loud and so you need to add glitters and rhinestones.

Step 9: Paint your dowel the same color as your mask to acquire uniformity.

You do not have to use dowels if you do not have any. Straws and chopsticks can be used in place of the dowels and the mask will still look equally good. As long as you have painted it well, the difference cannot be noted.

Step 10: Stick the handle on the back side of the mask.

The position of the handle is not very important but it is advisable to stick to the sides. Apply glue and hold the dowel in position for 30 seconds and make sure it does not move. Give it time to dry up. Wave the mask around. If it seems to be firm, that means you are done and ready to go.

Disclaimer: Some paints used to paint some of these masquerade masks can be harmful to your skin. Therefore, you have to be very careful when it comes to the selection of paint.


Making a masquerade mask is a fun activity that can be done by children too. Save money and make one for yourself today, it will be so cool.

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