How To Maintain Good Health And Fitness? – Simple Hacks For 2019


No matter if it’s the schedule, the stress, the burden of work or simply some bad habit, the fact is that they are ruining up your good health and fitness. The primary reason it all happens is “ The ignorance “.

I know almost everyone would say “ We take care of ourselves throughout the day as much as we can and our schedule do no allow space for more and blah blah “ but hey let me ask you this question one more time “ How to maintain good health and fitness “. What’s your pick for this one?

If you are a person who once had this great health and physique and now is struggling for your long lost glory, worry not as I got these simple hacks that would surely help you blast away your personal health and fitness.

Keys To Maintaining Good Health And Fitness

  1. Be alerted for diet throughout the day. Do you workout 1 hour a day?, 2 hours a day?, 3 hours a day or even 5 hours a day?. What about the remaining hours, they count too. Ask any expert around the globe and they’ll tell you that dieting goes a long way than exercising. So a diet is more important for maintaining good health and fitness than any other thing. Should you go all out with dieting? Hell no. Just eat till you are almost full, and don’t opt in for junk too often.
  2. Strive for that 8 hour sleep. Yes we humans are made pretty tough but that toughness wont last more than 2 days without sleep. An interrupted sleep cycle can cost you your health and fitness so be sure you are getting the optimum 8 hour sleep. Now some of you might argue for 6 hour sleep but let me get it straight to you. 6 hour sleep is for survival, if you want to live then you should opt in for 8 hour sleep. Don’t ask for how to maintain good health and fitness if you aren’t getting an 8 hour sleep.
  3. Stay Hydrated. Don’t stop water consumption just because you have this meeting coming up and you are afraid to ask for a permission to pee. Most of the diseases and viral make their way into the human body because of poor hydration. If you’re low on water, your muscles would start spasm and would become hard and tender. You don’t want that seized mobility because damn that really is going to hurt. So “ How to maintain good health of the whole body? “- You got it, it’s the proper hydration
  4. Some ExercisesFor Fitness. It totally depends upon your fitness goals. If you want a body like Arnold in your busy life then that’s not going happen but if you want a “ Fit “ physique then let me help you with that. All it’s going to take is a full body workout lasting for 10-20 mins daily. You can expect a decent body after incorporating a full body workout.

Provided that you’re following my above mentioned hacks and are now looking to patronize your fitness journey, here’s some appetite for your busy schedule ( It requires no equipment, just requires some commitment )

Full Body Workout No Equipment At Home

Reps Exercise
20 Burpees
30 Pushups
10 Pullups
30 Squats
30 Crunches

It’s totally okay if you can’t perform the desired rep ranges. If you can’t do 10 pullups in a row, don’t worry. Just do it one by one and same goes for all exercises mentioned on the list.

For any query regarding the exercise execution, you may ask me through the comment section below, I’ll be passionate to help.

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