How to Love the Skin You’re In

skin care

There are a lot of great tips out there explaining how to take good care of your skin from youth all the way to the senior years. Some of those tips are things most of us have heard at least a few times while others involve things that never would have crossed our minds. But common to them all is the desire to take good care of the skin throughout one’s lifetime. It is all about loving the skin we are in, so to speak.

Gayatri Pradhan, the founder of the Poéthique brand of green skin care products, says that good skincare starts with the understanding that beauty is not just reserved for the young. You can be beautiful at every age, as demonstrated by so many cultures whose beauty wisdom dates back thousands of years. Beauty is about loving the skin you are in regardless of how young or old you are.

Use Natural Skincare Products

One excellent way to love the skin you’re in is to make sure all the skincare products you use are natural. In other words, the ingredients in the products you use should be sourced from things such as plants and flowers. Natural ingredients are far better for the skin because they are gentler and more likely to enhance the body’s ability to better care for itself. The Radiance Boosting Serum created by Poéthique is a good example.

Radiance Boosting Serum is a natural alpha hydroxy acid serum that acts as a powerful, natural exfoliate. The alpha hydroxy acids in the serum break up the natural glue-like substance that tends to keep dead skin cells in place. This allows those dead skin cells to be gently lifted away along with dirt and debris. Radiance Boosting Serum does an excellent job of exfoliating without the use of harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good.

skin care

Establish Healthy Skincare Habits

Another way to truly love the skin you’re in is to establish healthy skin care habits that you can employ for a lifetime. One example would be to stop the cycle of acne and chemical skincare products. This is a cycle a lot of people have created for themselves without even knowing it.

Acne starts as a problem relating to clogged pores that become inflamed and eventually turn into whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples. Using a harsh chemical acne treatment may reduce the amount of bacteria in the pores, but it also increases the likelihood of inflammation in the skin. This means using a harsh chemical acne treatment increases the chances of developing more acne because the skin is inflamed.

A natural alpha hydroxy acid serum breaks the cycle by exfoliating gently and naturally. Regular use helps to clear clogged pores gently, thus eliminating the inflammation related to chemical products and aggressive scrubbing of the face.

Embrace Your Age

Lastly, loving the skin you’re in means embracing your age rather than trying to run from it. A good natural alpha hydroxy acid serum can certainly help you maintain a more radiant, youthful look as the years go by, but it will not change the fact that you are aging. Embrace that. Age can be a very beautiful thing if you let it be.

The combined beauty wisdom of the ages teaches us that it’s possible to love this skin we are in regardless of age or any other factor. Loving your skin means taking good care of it using all natural skin care products like those created by Poéthique. It means developing healthy skincare habits and embracing the natural beauty that comes with getting older.

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