How to Look Flawless in Your Homecoming Dress

Homecoming is one of those few events that will always bring back nostalgic memories. When preparing for homecoming, finding the perfect dress can be overwhelming. You may even wonder why you don’t look hot in that gorgeous dress that looks splendid on your best friend. Don’t fret finding the perfect outfit because looking flawless is a cinch once you know what works for you. Here are tips on how to look flawless in your homecoming dress.

The key to looking perfect in the best selection of homecoming dresses is finding a great fit for your body type. The main body types are: hourglass, rectangle, apple and pear. Find a dress that downplays the non-flattering areas and brings out your best assets.


Apple-shaped ladies typically have a slightly wide and round waistline with no clear definition and slimmer legs. For you to look gorgeous in your apple-shaped body, you need to direct attention away from the middle portion of your body because it’s fuller than your top half. You can either create an illusion of a more defined waistline or shift attention elsewhere. An empire shaped dress will do the trick because it enhances the right areas.


If you have narrow shoulders, slender neck, and a heavy bottom with wide thighs and hips, you’ll need a dress that brings out your slender upper body and minimizes the generous hip and thigh area. A homecoming dress with A-line skirt and halter-neck will bring the best out of you. An A-line skirt will conceal your curves and the halter neck will draw attention to your lovely face and enhance your shoulders.


The hourglass body type is all about the curves. If your bust is more pronounced than your hips, if you have a gorgeous waist, and if your rounded shoulders align perfectly with your hips, then you fit into the hourglass body type. Your dress should draw attention to the curves. Your curves will be lost in very formal dresses. The more fitted mermaid styles and corset dresses look amazing on hourglass-shaped ladies as they shift attention to the bust and waist. One-shoulder and strapless dresses will also look beautiful on you.


If you have an athletic or slender body with a few curves, you fit into the rectangle body type. You need a dress that creates an illusion of having curves. Your dress should accentuate your small waist line and draw attention to the bust. A dress with an embellished or beaded bust will draw attention to the bust and an empire waist dress will draw eyes upwards. A full skirt can also bring out your curves. Dresses with ornamental waists will also look good on you because they create an even hourglass shape.

Build your ideas

Go through magazines, and prowl the internet for ideas and styles that stand out. Build a scrapbook of your ideas. While at it, you will notice that your mind has started developing a clear mental picture of how really want look.

Shop with a family member or trustworthy friend

When shopping, bring along someone who can be totally honest with you and get their opinion whenever your try on a dress. Don’t make rash decisions. Try on lots of dresses and compare various looks before making your final choice.

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