How to Look Fashionable on Vacation Without Having to Pack Your Entire Wardrobe


There’s just something about being on vacation and fashion that go hand and hand. We want to look fabulous while we’re away, especially when traveling to trendy, luxurious, or stylish locations. The problem with wanting to look like you just stepped off the fashion runway is that it usually requires a whole lot of items, and your suitcase isn’t exactly forgiving.

So how can you ensure you look your most fashionable self while on vacation without having to pack your entire wardrobe? Fear not as we’ve got some simple tips you can use.

Pack for the Location

While this may sound like a really simple tip, the fact is that we often get caught up in how an outfit will look rather than how it will perform at the destination. Packing for a fabulous seven night stay at the luxurious Chateau Beauvallon ( in Mont Tremblant during the winter has a whole other definition of “fashionable”, versus that of an all-inclusive resort in Nassau, Bahamas.

For your Mont Tremblant vacation, the emphasis will be on warmth and layers, whereas your Nassau vacation should revolve around loose, lightweight, fabrics.

Pick a Color Palette and Stick with It

This can be very helpful in cutting down the amount of items you need to bring. If you pick a color palette, ideally a neutral one, you will find mixing and matching to be a breeze. You’ll require less items, still look stylish, and can use accessories as the “fashion” items.

Plan Your Outfits Before Packing

Another tip that experts recommend is that you actually plan your outfits before you pack them. Rather than throwing a bunch of random items in your bag, lay out the outfits one by one. This includes accessories and footwear. By doing this it will help you find ways that you can mix and match and still be able to create great outfits each day/night.

If you’re the type who likes to be really organized, you can even snap a photo of each outfit to remind you what goes with what while you’re away.

Pick Versatile Footwear

Instead of a different pair of shoes for each outfit, opt for a few that are versatile and neutral colored. This will stretch their use much further and save you all kinds of space in your luggage.

Choose Accessories Wisely

Accessories are a huge part of styling your outfits, so it’s perfectly understandable that you want to pack a variety of pieces. They can also help with mixing and matching so that the same blouse or slacks looks different each time you wear it.

One great tip when it comes to accessories and traveling is to pick pieces that are lightweight and aren’t bulky. Even though they are only accessories, if you start packing a number of chunky necklaces, belts, and bracelets, you’ll be surprised at just how fast your bag fills up. Opt for such things as scarves, delicate chain necklaces, lightweight beads, and smaller earrings as your accessories.

Mission Accomplished

Now that you’ve managed to put together a number of fabulous and stylish outfits without having to pack the full contents of your closet, you are ready to look and feel your best on your holidays.

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