How to Look Fashionable and Stylish in Winter

We’re approaching the end of the year and the beginning of winter. When this period rolls by, it gets extremely difficult for you to maintain a swanky fashion sense. However, the following tips will help you to look stylish, while also keeping war and comfortable:

Start your clothes with a thin layer underneath.

In order to keep warm and still look good, it is recommenfded that you get looser and freer clothes near your body. These layers will be useful in wicking away any sweat on the inside, thereby keeping you warmer and more comfortable. If you get tighter clothes, you run the risk of getting them soaked with sweat or other body fluids… and you definitely don’t want that while at the office.

For areas that are harder to layer (like your legs), then you might need to get Longjohns or thermal underwear. Due to the fat that they’ll be under your clothes, nobody will be able to see what they really look lie. All you have to do is make sure that they are layered well and aren’t too bulky.

Put on thin, tight clothes.

The next layer will be the one that people see s when in a professional environment, just look for a nice shirt or blouse (or basically any other item that you won’t mind other people looking at you in). Remember that the thinner and better fitting your clothes are, the more layers you can still put on.

You can also layer in reverse (basically, putting on thicker layers on first before having loose and thinner clothes on top). You can easily wear a T-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt or a skirt over thin pants in order to add extra style to your ensemble.

Invest in a sweet vest or sweater.

When in winter, you will definitely need to get a vest or sweater, so why not make it extra glamorous?

Basically, the major responsibility of a sweater layer is to trap heat and provide extra warmth to your body. Your sweater will be a visible one (I mean, people will obviously see it) so make sure that you get something that’s nice, trendy, and which matches your ensemble perfectly. In a more professional environment, you can opt for a wool sweater.

Get a good winter coat.

In the place of a vest or a sweater, a winter coat might be a good idea (you could also pair both without having anyone criticize you). I days when it rains or when the cold s unbearably much, you’ll be glad you bought one. There are various types of winter coats out there, so feel free to pick out whichever one works best for you.

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Shoes are probably the most important pieces of clothing when it comes to winter. Your feet need to be comfortable, and you don’t have to necessarily jeopardize how you look because of that. Make sure you get a pair of the following

  • Classic loafers and/or oxfords (for office use on days when the weather is fair)
  • Sneakers (Nike sneakers are always in vogue)
  • Rain boots (for the rain, obviously).

Any other selection can be gotten at your discretion, but the above three just have to be on your shopping list.

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