How To Look Better In Designer Clothes

designer clothes

Designer clothes are often the ultimate aspirational collection for a woman. But what happens when you can finally afford your favourite designer – only to find that their clothes don’t suit you? It’s a crying shame, and you shouldn’t have to miss out. Here’s how to ensure that you look good in designer clothes, whenever you want to buy them.

Shape Up

The first thing to do is to get yourself to a gym, and pronto. Body shape is very important when wearing design clothes. Think about the models that wear them on the runway and in adverts. They tend to be very slim, and also very toned. If you want to wear the clothes that are designed for them, you will do yourself a big favour if you design your body to look them as well. Diet plays a big part here too. If you want to look good in designer gear, you might have to forego a few slices of cake!

Assess Your Body Style

Don’t forget that different clothing suits different bodies. Even if you are as slim and toned as you can be whilst staying healthy, some clothes might not suit you because of their shape. Understand your body shape and use tailoring guides to help you understand what to wear. A woman with a pear-shaped body, for example, couldn’t wear the same clothes as one with a more boyish frame.

Have A Nip And/Or Tuck

If you are determined to fit into a certain style, you might have to take the option of going under the knife. The perfect body is much more achievable if you are willing to pay for it. You could try liposuction, padding in different parts of your body, or breast augmentation, to name just a few examples. You can find information here on what a breast augmentation involves. If you don’t fit into the front of your favourite designer’s dresses, you know what to do.

Be A Style Queen

Looking good in clothes is also about putting them together in the right way. While you might look great in each individual item of clothing, the outfit they create might not be flattering at all. Get a crash course in creating outfits from a personal stylist, or put the time in yourself to study street style and magazines until you get it right. Be aware of seasonal changes, too, by keeping on top of style guides – but know which trends will work for you and which won’t.

Go For Statement Pieces

It’s all well and good to get the latest fashion trends into your wardrobe, but if your budget is limited, you might be wasting your money. Rather than seasonal looks which will soon be out of fashion, opt for statement classic pieces. An Alexander McQueen scarf will always be an Alexander McQueen scarf, but those crazy heel-less boots the label created soon went out of style.

Looking good in designer clothes is not just about your body, but also about the way that you wear them. Get both sides of the equation right and you will be the most stylish person that you know.

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