How to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger

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Age has an annoying way of creeping up on us unexpectedly. One moment you are filled with energy, and the next you are experiencing a variety of troublesome aches and pains in different areas across your body. While you cannot slow down time, you can take steps to slow the ageing process. Find out how to look and feel 10 years younger.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast will provide your body with some much-needed energy, so you will have more fuel for the day ahead. A healthy breakfast will also provide your body with essential nutrients, which can help you maintain a healthy weight and create clearer skin. We therefore recommend eating a balanced diet of fats, whole grains, protein, and fiber. Don’t overlook supplements, either. Most of us don’t get all the vitamins and minerals we need, especially magnesium, so that’s something to consider as well. You can do a magnesium deficiency test to verify this.

Care for Your Skin

Of course, your skin is the key to maintaining a youthful complexion. Prevent the signs of ageing by wearing an effective sunblock when outside – even during a cold winter. It’s possible for 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays to penetrate your skin on a cloudy day, which is why you should wear a minimum SPF 20. You should also wear protective clothing, such as sunglasses, a long-sleeved top and a hat.

A Proactive Approach to Healthcare

Feeling younger than your years by developing a proactive approach to healthcare. Prevent all those niggling aches and pains, and stop health conditions in their tracks, by attending a regular physical examination. For example, you should book a blood pressure and cholesterol screening, breast exam, cervical screening and more.

Improve Your Core Strength and Flexibility

Improving your core strength and flexibility will make you feel younger than your years, as you will be more agile and stronger than you possibly felt a decade ago. Fortunately, there are many workouts you can enjoy that are suitable for all ages. If you are looking for exercise inspiration, we recommend visiting for workouts for both men and women.

Practice Your Balance

Did you know that your balance will deteriorate as you age? As a result, you will be at a greater risk of experiencing a fall or fracture. Fortunately, you can practice your balance to stop accidents from happening. For example, you can finetune your balance by standing on one leg, and you can even add balance exercises into your daily workout.

Quit Smoking

Anyone serious about slowing down the ageing process must stop smoking. This bad habit can have serious consequences for your health, as it can lead to a range of medical conditions, such as asthma, lung cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a stroke, plus more. Not only that, but studies have found that smokers die 10 years earlier in comparison to non-smokers. Fortunately, if you stop smoking before 40 years old, it is possible to regain those potentially lost years. Cigarettes can also visibly age a smoker, so if you want to look younger, it would be a wise move to quit the vice for good.

Lift Weights

We can often lose muscle strength as we age, which can lead to bone density loss. Strength training can, however, help you to generate new muscle, so you will feel younger and fitter. It’s therefore an effective exercise for improve physical strength and stability.

Start Laughing

Care for your health by finding ways to laugh a little more. Not only will it make you feel happier, but it can improve your circulation, lower blood sugar levels, and boost your immune system. It will also counteract stress, which can lead to unsightly wrinkles and circles under the eyes from a lack of sleep.

Connect with Nature

Connect with nature to slow down the signs of ageing. Going for a walk in the park or a hike in the woods can have superb benefits to both your health and wellbeing. For example, a walk in the great outdoors can improve your memory and eyesight, whilst reducing your stress levels and blood pressure. It can also boost your concentration and creativity.

So, there has never been a better reason to put on your hiking boots and enjoy a long and relaxing walk. Walking is also one of the best ways to remain active as you age, as it can reduce joint pressure, whilst increasing your energy and physical strength.

Learn Something New

An active mind is a healthy mind. So, keep your mental health in great shape by learning something new. Developing a new skill will give you something to focus on, and you will feel a big sense of achievement once you master a new talent, so your life will have more purpose. So, join a cooking class, take up a fun new hobby or finally learn a new language.

Make Time to Socialize

Life can often stand in the way of our friendships, as we have so many personal and professional responsibilities. However, it is important to make time to socialize with your friends, which will allow you to laugh, relax and de-stress. In fact, it’s believed people who have an active social life are more likely to be happier in their lives, and they are less susceptible to illnesses. So, make time for a coffee morning, lunch date or evening cocktails.

Book a Massage

All those irritating aches and pains really can make you feel your age – or older! Say goodbye to the knots and kinks by booking a massage with a licensed masseuse, who will have the skills and experience to make you feel younger and healthier. Your body will feel completely relaxed, and you will be more likely to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Relive Your Youth

If you want to feel younger, there is no reason why you can’t act younger. Relive your youth by enjoying a ride on a rollercoaster, visiting an ice cream parlor, going on a bicycle ride, running through the rain, or jumping in the leaves.

Have you got any helpful tips for looking or feeling younger? We’d love to read your thoughts. Feel free to write a comment below.

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