How to Learn to Sleep Less and Be More Productive

The current pace of life makes people live in multitasking mode and sacrifice their sleep for some other activities. It seems that if they could stay awake and maintain the same productivity level, they would reject the sleeping routine at all. Many believe that it is just a waste of precious time they could devote to some more useful things. Young people are forced to stay up late at night to deal with their assignments, turning a blind eye to the fact that they can just examine proessaywriting reviews and find a trustworthy service that can help free up the schedule. The night seems more romantic and productive, but unfortunately, your mind and body don’t share your ideas. People need about seven-eight hours of sleep to feel productive and be able to cope with stress. When this number goes down, they lose a part of their inner resource, suffer from irritability and excessive weakness. But what to do if you cannot afford such a long sleep? You cannot change your inner needs, but you can improve the quality of your sleeping routine.

  1. Define your sleeping schedule

It is always better to start small. Thus, you should determine the length of your sleep. It is one thing when you sleep tight for seven hours in a row, and it is a completely different situation when you constantly wake up in between sleep cycles. In the latter case, you will hardly feel fresh even if you sleep ten hours. You should define your sleeping schedule and help your body take a full cycle. If you often wake up at night due to nightmares, you should find out their root causes. Maybe you watch horror movies before bedtime or read a thriller. Eliminate all the stress sources and try to calm down your nervous system before you go to sleep. For example, you can try breathing techniques or meditation.

  1. Start waking up early

They say that it is more useful to go to bed at about 10 pm and wake up at 5 or 6 am together with the sun. Thus, your day becomes longer, and you feel more energy when the whole day is ahead. Such a regime may help deal with anxiety and psyche yourself up to a more productive mode. You will notice that your nervous system has become more stable, and the sticky fear of missing out has vanished away. If you start your day with something pleasant or come up with a morning ritual, it will be easier for you to wake up.

  1. Reduce caffeine consumption

If you are used to starting your day with a cup of coffee, it is okay. You can enjoy your morning routine because one portion will cheer you up. However, if you don’t limit yourself to one cup of this aroma drink, you run the risk of dehydrating your organism. If a cup of coffee is your main companion during the day, it is not surprising you feel tired and have trouble sleeping. You should reduce the caffeine intake and replace it with some herbal tea or just pure water. If you have to stay late at night because of homework, it is better to turn to the assignmentgeek service to get your papers done on time than spoil your sleeping routine once again. When you feel tired in the daytime and lose focus, the chances are high that your body lacks hydration. You should watch your water consumption during the day to normalize your sleep and feel more productive.

  1. Watch your nutrition

When you sleep less than necessary, your body tries to replenish your energy source with the help of food, so you can have a desire to eat something sweet or fatty. However, when you treat yourself to junk food, you deteriorate your general state in the long run. It is better to opt for healthy snacks and meals, so your body will get enough energy from food without any unpleasant consequences for your appearance and sleep. If you feel hungry before bedtime, you should choose light yogurt over sweets and hearty dishes. Your body will digest the food, so you will suffer neither from an upset stomach nor nightmares. Hearty meals often cause bloating and additional tiredness.

  1. Don’t forget about physical activity

Many people turn a blind eye to physical activity and come up with dozens of excuses for not doing anything. However, even if you sleep less than eight hours, you should do morning exercise, stretching, or any other physical activity. It is a great way to provide yourself with an energy boost and make a difference in your general state. When you stretch your muscles, you activate your mind, release hormones of pleasure and prepare yourself for a productive day. If you make physical activity a part of your morning routine, you will notice positive changes in your sleep and health in general.

  1. Take a hot-cold shower

You can come across such a piece of advice almost everywhere when it comes to improving the immune system and skin condition. However, this shower also helps fight drowsiness and prepares your brain and body for productive work during the day. Start with a hot shower to clean yourself, steam your body out, open cold water, and then get back to hot again. Such a combination will help you feel much fresher.

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