How to know for sure if a guy likes you or not

things guys do

Ooh ladies, how we wish we knew all the secrets guys keep! The good news is, we can actually detect their behavior easier that they would like us to. Here are 5 things guys do when they like a girl, which can help you figure him out better.

  1. Eye contact or no eye contact at all

This one might be obvious. We girls do it to. If a guy likes you, chances are you will catch his glare more than often. Some will give you significant stares, some will be less obvious, but one thing is for sure. He will uncontrollably want to look at you will try to make an eye contact. Don’t forget that some guys from Gloucester dating are too shy, and will show you they like you by giving you no eye contact at all, even if they are actually talking to you.

  1. Behaves differently around you

This one is a biggie in the list of things guys do when they like you. While most Merseyside singles guys will want to prove themselves, try to impress you, tease you and laugh at your jokes, some will act like you are not even there. How to tell the difference? Well, all you need to do is see is he behaves differently around you than with other girls. Sure, if he completely ignores you, you might be on his people-to-avid list, but chances are, if he is like that with you only, he might like you.

  1. Physical touch and body language

If we like someone, we consciously or unconsciously want to be near that person from Buckinghamshire dating, touch them playfully and even tease them. So, if he likes you, he will try to give you a friendly hug more often than a friend would do. Your knees may accidentally touch few times while sitting next to each other or he might just put is hand on your shoulder every time he has a chance. Love is physical, ladies, don’t forget it.

  1. Paying attention to what you say or do

If a Northamptonshire singles guy likes you, he will turn into information sponge, and he will find things about you not even you pay that much attention to. He will memorize your sentences, pay attention to every move you make in order to figure out what you like or dislike so he can use it to get closer to you. You will feel heard and appreciated in his presence, and what better proof he likes you?

  1. Frequent contact

What do you do when you like someone? Contact them, off course. If a Norfolk singles guy likes you, he will probably send you a message or few. He will perceive any occasion as an opportunity to say hi. A more subtle way of showing you he likes you might be liking your posts, just to make you feel his presence. After all, what better way to tell if someone likes you than a message?


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