How to Kickstart your Makeover

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It’s been a while since hollow New Year’s Resolutions were decided upon and abandoned due to poor motivation and planning. Sometimes it’s work that gets in the way; other times, it’s just that building up to a bearable fitness regime feels impossible. That’s why hitting the ground running with a structured, thought-out routine is so important. Self-discipline is a lot easier to source when there’s a plan in place. By picking up healthy products and productive habits, you can take control of your body’s destiny and wave goodbye to those broken promises. Check out this guide to kickstart your journey to a new body.


It seems everyone’s a fitness instructor these days. Google ‘muscle workout’ and you’re inundated with conflicting tips, expensive equipment recommendations, and ‘transformative’ group classes. You’d be forgiven for giving up at this stage! Don’t though: take a step back, and let common sense kick in. Talking to gym instructors is a great place to start, but far more important is sticking to a regular workout pattern. Getting to the gym, or outside for a run, is half the challenge.


It’s all very well putting your body through pain, but at the end of the day your body runs and grows on the fuel you put into it. Again, there’s a dizzying amount of conflicting information out there regarding bulk foods or slimming salads. However, a consensus seems to have emerged for balance in a diet: it’ll cover all bases, providing the building blocks for muscles, the energy to exercise, and even the chemicals that dictate your mentality!


This one’s a no-brainer. Protein is the fundamental building block that builds towards stronger, bigger muscles, and so regularly mixing up some clean nutrition protein post-workout gives you a handy boost in the direction of strength and tone whether you’re training as a pro or simply heading to the gym to lose a couple of pounds. It’s an investment you’re unlikely to regret.


You might think that following the above three points will be enough to kickstart those alterations in your body that you’ve been yearning for years. Sadly, hitting the gym and taking a protein shake is only the tip of your healthy habits iceberg. Consider your lifestyle carefully, and drop out little features that you know, deep down, to be unhealthy. Is it alcohol or smoking, snacks or soda? Even too much time sat in front of a screen? Be honest with yourself, read up on bad habits, and be brutal with what you come to find is stopping you progressing!


All that said, there’s one last and incredibly important factor your body truly needs to form a natural strength and toned look. That’s rest: sleep, relaxation, and pulse-slowing stress-free chills. Building muscle or creating a slimmer body isn’t about maintaining a frenzy of activity; it’s about a structured give-and-take operation throughout your body.

Hopefully, now you’ll feel a little more inspired to take the bull by the horns and really kickstart your new, balanced fitness regime today!

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