How to Keep Your Dog Mentally & Physically Fit

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Every pet owner has a responsibility to care for their dog’s health and happiness. It is imperative to find different ways to increase their physical activity levels so that they can maintain a healthy mind and body. Here are some essential tips on how to keep your dog mentally and physically fit.

Reduce Your Pet’s Stress Levels

Dogs can experience stress just like humans. If you want to reduce stress and anxiety in your canine’s life, you should pet your pooch every day. Petting for just a few minutes can significantly reduce the stress hormone cortisol in your dog’s body, and it can increase the production of serotonin in their body, which can help them to relax.

Go for a Walk

All dogs love to go for a walk each day. Don’t keep your pet hemmed inside the home and ensure you go for a walk together each day. This will provide your dog with some much-needed physical activity, and it will allow them to maintain a healthy weight, improve their flexibility and enjoy some fresh air every day, which can increase their personal happiness.

Talk to a Vet About Exercise

The level of exercise your dog will need will be determined by their breed, age, sex, and general health. For example, if you own a terrier, hound, sporting or mixed breed, your canine will need plenty of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whilst too much exercise can cause health issues for certain dog breeds, or if they are very young or old. It is therefore important to discuss your pet’s individual exercise requirements with your vet, so your dog does not experience too much or too little physical activity. It is important to be aware of your dog’s limitations, as they will not be.

Buy Automatic Fetch Toys

Dogs love a game of fetch, especially if they are bursting with energy. If you want to ensure they have plenty of fun outdoors or indoors, and want to keep them fit and healthy, buy one of the many fantastic fetch toys on the market. Visit Fast Dogs to learn more about the different automatic dog ball throwers, which your dog can play with each day on their own. So, it is a great way to keep your dog happy when you do not have the time to play with your pooch.

Training Exercises

Stimulate your dog’s mind to improve their mental health. You can do so by providing your canine with fun training sessions, which can keep their mind sharp. Not only can it improve their mental health, but it will help to strengthen your bond while improving their behavior within the home. However, try to avoid boring, repetitive tasks that will drain the fun from your experience, and attempt to make the training process as fun as possible. Keep the training exercises both short and sweet, and intermix them with either play or rest breaks. Don’t forget to heap plenty of love and praise onto your pet, too, so they’ll know they have done a good job – so they’ll be more likely to embrace future training sessions.

Puppy Exercise

There are some forms of physical activity that are not always safe for puppies. For example, jogging on pavement will not be safe for a little puppy, as their bones have not yet fully formed; this is why many people carry their puppies. If you want to improve your pup’s physical and mental health, you should only play with your puppy on soft ground. For example, fetch is a fun game to increase their physical activity, and it will not be overly strenuous for a puppy. You could even set up a playdate with friends who also have puppies, so they can develop their social skills while playing games with other pets. Again, check with your vet to identify the safe exercises for your puppy.

Develop a Workout Plan

Dogs don’t think about their health, they only think about having fun. It is, therefore, an owner’s job to ensure they experience the exercise they need to develop a healthy mind and body. For this reason, you should devise a workout plan, which will ensure they experience the right level of exercise for their health. For example, you could schedule for your dog to enjoy a 10 or 20-minute walk twice a day. You could also introduce other forms of physical activity into their workout schedule – such as an automatic ball launcher or swimming. It is also beneficial for a vet to review the plan to ensure they do not experience too much physical activity, which could negatively impact their health.

Vary Your Canine’s Exercise Routine

Dogs do not want to walk along the same old route day after day, and they will soon become tired of the same games. Stimulate their mind and senses by varying their exercises as much as possible. For example, you could go for a walk one day and jog together on another. You can also vary your walking routes, so he or she can explore different environments, smells and sounds. You can also allow your dog to run off the leash when safe to do so, or you could encourage your pet to enjoy a swim in the sea at the beach. It could make a big difference to your dog’s health and happiness.

Low-Calorie Dog Treats

Many pet owners believe the best way to show their dog they love them is by filling them up with unhealthy treats. Unfortunately, this can lead to an overweight pet that can experience multiple health problems. For this reason, you must only provide your pet with low-calorie treats that will improve his or her performance, but will not compromise on your dog’s physical or mental health. For example, you could provide your pet with lean cooked meat, apple slices, banana slices, melon chunks, rice cake pieces, green beans, or carrot slices. Speak to your vet regarding the best foods for your dog and any allergies they might experience.

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