How to Identify a Quality Handbag

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It would be nice to believe that the piles of purses you see on clearance tables at department stores are just as well-made as a beautiful designer bag.  But designer handbags are a you-get-what-you-pay-for commodity. Luxury brands are considered a luxury because they’re worth it. You’ll spend more, but it will be for a well-made, gorgeous, and last a long time. And that’s money well spent.

Deep down, we all know that very often, you get what you pay for. If it sounds too good of a bargain to be true, often it is. Designer handbags follow those same principles: a fake just isn’t the same quality.

If you know what to look for, you can inspect designer handbags yourself and see the differences.  Here’s how.

What You Need to Look For

  1. The Stitching

A quality bag has flawless stitching, inside and out. There aren’t any loose threads sticking out along seams. Every stitch is of equal length, lined up perfectly with the other stitches. The thread appears to be a quality thread. It isn’t too thin to last. If something lacks attention to detail, then it probably isn’t going to last.

  1. The Outer Pattern

If a bag has a pattern on it, look at how that pattern has been put on the material. Does the print look like it is painted on, and would come off if you scratched it with your fingernail? Or does the print look like it’s part of the material the bag is made out of? When you look closely at the pattern, are the colors solid or do they look unevenly applied? Are the colors consistent all over the bag? At the seams of the purse’s outer material, does the print line up?

  1. The Outer Material

Check the tag on the inside of the bag for what the outer material is made of, even if you think you can tell. You don’t want to realize when the layers start separating that you bought a fake leather purse when you thought it was leather. If there is a grain to the leather, or any kind of texture, does it line up at the seams? Does it go in the same direction on all piece?

  1. The Shoulder Straps

Just as you checked the stitching on the bag, check the stitching on the straps. Is it high quality stitching that will be sturdy? Is the strap made from a cheaper material than the rest of the bag? Where the strap attaches to the purse, is it well attached? If any kind of hardware is used (buckles, etc.) are the straps well attached to it? Is the weight going to be supported evenly or will the buckles be pulled sideways with use? Does the hardware look well-made?

  1. The Fasteners

If there are fasteners or zippers on outside pockets or openings, are they constructed well, or does it feel like the fastener will pull out when you open the pocket? Do the zippers run evenly? Can you see loose threads around the zipper that it can start catching on?

  1. The Inside

Check the inside just as thoroughly: material the lining is made of, stitching, zippers and fasteners. The stitching of the lining is one place purses often begin to show wear. If that area isn’t well made, it’s not a quality bag. And if there is no lining, it’s poorly made. Designer handbags are never made without a lining.

Make sure you’re spending wisely on handbags. The more that you inspect designer handbags next to cheaper handbags, and in time you’ll become a handbag expert.



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