How to Have the Best Outdoor Retreat This Summer

outdoor retreat

City living is fun, but no matter who you are, you will always need a break from time to time. You need a chance to enjoy the fresh air and all the beauty that nature can hold. It doesn’t matter whether this outdoor retreat is in the forest, or on a beach, the benefits are the same – you are reconnecting with nature.

Reconnecting to nature involves slowing down. It isn’t about doing the next thing as fast as possible, but instead to sit back and breathe. It is about connecting with your friends and about enjoying life for exactly what it is. That’s why this summer, you and your friends should plan an outdoor retreat for your ultimate summer getaway:

  1. Choose Your Retreat

There are so many different kinds of retreats you can have. If you opt for camping, you can choose a location near a national park, allowing you to enjoy stunning hikes. Similarly, you can choose a campsite close to a beach to enjoy long days in the sun. You can opt for a location near a spa or a small town – the possibilities are endless. Choose the retreat that everyone can agree on, and start packing.

  1. What to Bring

On a nature retreat what you wear is less important than being prepared. As such, everyone should bring a warm outfit and jacket (even in summer, temperatures can drop). For the group, however, you should collectively pull together to bring the necessities.

You will need a cooler to bring drinks – the larger, the better. Fill it with solid ice so that your food can stay cooler longer. Similarly, you should bring water jugs to keep hydrated. Depending on where you are you will either have to be careful with your food, and bring it in a large bag so that you can hoist it into a tree (to prevent bears from entering your camp) or you might have a fridge if you have opted to rent out a cabin.

If you are camping, you will also need a tent, air mattresses, and sleeping bags. Gazebos can be lifesavers if you are camping as well, as they give you a bug-free environment where you can comfortably eat your food or just hang out. You can bring a portable barbeque, or a cover to place over a fire so that you can cook food with ease. Wherever you go, it’s best to be more prepared than you need to be.

  1. On Disconnecting

Whether you choose to disconnect entirely from electronics is up to you. Disconnecting can give you and your friends a break from the hectic world outside, which can be a much-needed aspect to your retreat. You could either ban all electronics or just data usage or none at all – regardless of what you do choose, try to be present instead of on your phone.

Nature retreats offer the fresh air, beautiful views, and exercise that our bodies sorely need. Going on a nature retreat with our friends can make the experience an unforgettable one.

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