How to Give Yourself a Facial at Home using Facial Tools?


We know that not everyone out there can afford heavier and costlier spas and facial kits. But it does not mean that you cannot do it yourself with amazing tools and steps.

There are clear-cut facial at-home steps explained below if you want to indulge in self-love and self-care activities in your free time. 

The tools and steps explained in this blog would help any person who wants to rejuvenate their skin at minimum cost. 

Steps to give yourself a facial at home using facial tools are as follows:

Prepare and cleanse your skin for the facial.

Any facial needs your skin to be clean and hydrated well. You can use oil-based cleansed items to rub off the makeup already on your face. Or use regular face wash to have a super fresh face before you begin applying other items for the facial. 

If your skin is gentle and prone to acne, the best option is to use foam-based cleansers and face washes. These items don’t usually leave your skin too dry after the first wash. And foam-cleansers are best to clean dead skin cells and tight pores around difficult corners of your face.

Exfoliate your skin.

Simply cleaning your face is the core step. But after that, your skin needs to get rid of any dirt particles stuck at the various parts of your face. For this purpose, you can use a daily scrub. It will easily exfoliate your skin to work on the rough, dirty, and unreachable angles of your face. 

Most people use turmeric-based or enzyme-based powdered scrubs for organic and natural effects before facial. But that also depends on your living and eating habits. 

Use a mask or sheet.

After the first two steps, your skin can be a little rough or dry. It’s time to soothe the face’s pores that have been abraded well to get cleaned. 

Use a mask or sheets to help you negate the after-effects of the cleansing process. Also, using these tools protect your pores from attracting acne again as they merge with any remaining oil on your face. 

Best face masks or sheets are the ones with Vitamin C qualities or the clay-based ones if you have oily skin. Once you apply a mask, let it dry for 30-40 minutes. Ensure that your skin does not feel too itchy after the mask or the sheet starts to dry. 

You can remove it if it is getting unbearably hot or itchy under the mask. This usually happens when you use a Tea Tree oil-based mask or sheets. 

But you can try making homemade masks as well for totally organic effects. You will get plenty of information online on different homemade or DIY masks/sheets. The best ones are those having yogurt, eggs, and honey.

Steam your face.

To get the best results while masking, try steaming your face. You don’t need a fancy tool for that. Online reliable, affordable, and dependable steamers are really good. Otherwise, you can get a bowl and fill it with hot water. 

Then duck your face in with a towel over your head, keeping the mask on. Take this steam for about 5-10-15 minutes while masking. 

It dries the mask and helps in subsuming its content into your facial pores well. Basically, your skin enjoys the benefits of the contents in the mask well, fast, and effectively while taking steam. 

Apply your favorite moisturizer and massage.

After getting rid of the mask and steamer in due time, give your skin a little more joy with your favorite moisturizer. It could be the one that smells and feels great on your skin.

The motive of the moisturizer is to level up the texture of your skin before you begin massaging your face. Some moisturizers hydrate your skin; others prepare it well before the actual facial cream or bleach. 

Finally, give your skin a gentle massage by applying the facial cream. You can use a roller, your fingers, or any other facial tool to reach difficult corners of your face while massaging. However, if you use a hydrating serum, use it before moisturizing for lasting effects. 

Be gentle and mindful of your skin. Don’t massage too hard, or you can end up bruising yourself. Also, create the best facial environment at home with scented candles and some soothing music. 




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