How to Gift Smarter


Think about the gifts that you give and think about the gifts that you receive. How many of those gifts are generic, uneccessary, or lacking sentimental value? When we give gifts, we tend to strive to pick out something creative, something that is a bit out of the ordinary to make some sort of impression. This tends to always be our goal, whatever the occasion, be it a birthday, Christmas or Hannukuh, a thank you, or a just because. Perhaps we are trying to impress a client or we are trying to let a friend or loved one know that we truly love them. Out of the ordinary gifts like eModels, gifts that break the mold are those that will be cherished and remembered, they are the ones that will be displayed in homes. With so much sameness in the world today, the same clothing, shoes, cars, and food all available wherever in the world we may be, it pays to be original and bold.

Go Homemade

Homemade gifts show effort and thought. These gifts display a special skill that we may have and tells the recipient that we were thinking of them when we produced this gift. The effort put in by our own hands adds sentimentality to the gift as well as shows the recipient that you care about and appreciate them. Homemade gifts have an excessive range. Perhaps your grandmother taught you how to knit when you were young, or maybe she taught you how to cook. Those are perfect skills to put to use when going for a homemade gift. No need to get fancy with a sweater or seven course meal, a simple knit hat or scarf is a classically loved gift, or a plate of cookies or a jar of sauce or jam. As of late, homemade personal care items have made a comeback. Put to use your skill of candle making or soap making and use a recipient’s favourite scents or colours to put a personal touch on an always welcomed gift.

Give Experience

Things have a tendency to pile up. Those picture frames you received from your Aunt Nancy that are lying in the closet, that snowglobe you recieved from your brother’s wife, while given with good intention, sometimes it is better to give an experience. We typically have at least an inkling of knowledge about a gift recipient’s likes or dislikes. With even that small bit of information, we can give some amazing gifts of experiences. Perhaps your friend Shelly loves Italian food, giving her the gift of an Italian cooking class is simple, but will be highly memorable for her. The possibilities of experience gifts are endless: classes, tours, activities – all personal and all cherished.

Go Big

We all have at least one person in our lives that we would love to go all out for when giving a gift. Perhaps you want to find a way for your sister to meet her favourite singer, or get your mother a piece of memorabilia from her favourite childhood film. These grandiose gifts are entirely possible through sites such as IfOnly. IfOnly is an auction site offering spectacular experiences and one-of-a-kind items. The difference with IfOnly is that they give a portion of the proceeds made from each auctioned piece to charity. You can even go in with a group buy. Giving extroardinary and unique gifts and experiences has never been easier, nor felt so good.


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