How to get the most out of speed dating events

speed dating events

Speed dating is a great way for singles and curious people to connect and get to know more interesting individuals. It is usually an event organized in a chill atmosphere, where there are many guys and gals circling from one person to the other, trying to get to know them in less than 5 minutes. When the event is over, everyone can pick whoever left the biggest impression on them and try to contact that person and ask them out on a proper date. The trick is, this kind of Norfolk dating agency strategy is as fast as roller coaster ride. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of speed dating events.

  1. Connect, be present in the moment and take mental notes

Speed dating events are everything but private. These events are more like one big date with many people at the same time which is why it is harder to remember all the details you’ve heard. The trick here is to try to focus on every person that comes your way, but even more on those you find interesting. You will not only have a good base to get to know them later, but you will have a more clear image of who that person in and make it a bit more clear to yourself why you liked them. And yes, pay attention to gestures and all those cute non-verbal signs at Sheffield dating.

  1. Search for a friend, not for a date at speed dating events

Yes, of course you didn’t come to Staffordshire dating event to find another friend. But, if you want to win this game called speed dating, you have to pretend making friends is exactly what you are there for. That means being chill relaxed, ho you are and coming to the event with absolutely no expectations. Think about it, what can you lose? Even if you don’t find yourself a date, you can find your new bff and friends are always welcome, right? Try out Nottingham Dating Agency to find your first date.

  1. Make an afterparty

Let’s say you liked someone instantly and you think they like you back. Why wait for the event to take you to the next step, why not take the initiative yourself and make an afterparty with some cool people you’ve just met. This will be a great way to continue conversations you’ve started while the topics are still fresh and you in the mood for meeting people, so go ahead and take the most out of speed dating in Exeter.

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