How to Get More Views on YouTube

YouTube views

You’ve previously seen it. You get so excited when you publish a video to YouTube, only to be disappointed when the view count utterly fails to start!

Don’t worry; with the correct approach, you can quickly start receiving more views on YouTube. This article will cover how to increase your YouTube views, what constitutes a view, and even some helpful hints for optimising your videos. So, take a seat back, unwind, and get ready to discover how to boost your video marketing and view count!

Top tips to increase the view on YouTube

  • Give your thumbnails some love.

You should start with the thumbnail of your YouTube videos in order to make them stand out from the competition. You want your YouTube thumbnails to be clickable and visually appealing because they are the first thing users see when scrolling through their feed. However, what is the best way to ensure that your thumbnails are visually appealing? Naturally, YouTube will create a thumbnail for your video automatically by snipping a frame from the centre of the film. However, you’ll nearly always discover that the best-performing YouTube videos and channels are the ones who take the extra time and care to create unique thumbnails that are attractive, consistent with their brand, and visually appealing.

  • Organise a campaign or competition.

Organising a contest or promotion is a good method to draw viewers in and spread the word about your films. However, how can one ensure its success? First, think of a fantastic gift that your audience will find intriguing. This may take the form of a gift card or something more imaginative, like a product that is connected to the videos you make. Second, choose a simple way for people to enter the contest: they may leave a remark on the video sharing site, retweet it with a hashtag, or even record a video response of their own.

  • Connect with other producers of content.

Your relationship with another content provider doesn’t need to be antagonistic just because you both target the same audience. Rather, I would advise you to establish a mutually beneficial partnership known as a symbiotic one. Remember that increasing your pool of top-of-funnel prospects and providing value for viewers is the ultimate aim of YouTube video marketing. In my opinion, having a competition does not in any way lessen your ability to achieve that goal.

YouTube views

  • Make a trailer for your YouTube channel.

Like with any marketing material, YouTube creators need to consider not just the components as a whole, but also how they work together. You will probably see an increase in traffic to your channel home page when your videos get more popularity, and viewers will probably decide whether or not to subscribe.

A well-crafted channel trailer ought to provide visitors with a synopsis of your channel’s content and aim. In this manner, new users may determine right away whether or not to follow your channel. Additionally, a strong teaser can encourage viewers to click on your films and watch them, increasing the number of views and subscribers.

  • Promote interaction with YouTube videos

When it comes to success on YouTube, engagement is crucial. One of the best ways for viewers to support the material you create is to like, comment on, and subscribe. Yet, they also inform the YouTube algorithm that it is worthwhile to share your material with other users.

This situation is similar to the proverb “If you don’t ask, you don’t get,” which is why so many popular YouTubers always encourage their audience to like, comment, subscribe, and share. It’s straightforward advice with little scientific basis: always be sure to ask directly in every video!

  • Boost participation with calls to action

Given the immediacy and connection that video content can provide, sometimes the best strategy to get your films seen is to simply ask for involvement. Reminders to like and subscribe are usually included in the video description or the video itself, as not every viewer of your content will remember to do so. It’s very OK to ask for affection directly, particularly from other rising stars in the channel community. To maintain the interaction, you may really encourage visitors to watch another video or leave a comment with a question to answer.

  • Ensure that everyone can view your material.

For several reasons, it’s crucial to make your YouTube videos captioned and subtitled accessible. The main benefit is that it increases the accessibility of your material for a larger audience, which includes hard of hearing or deaf people. It also makes your films understandable to viewers who may not be able to hear the audio well due to background noise or language barriers. Furthermore, adding captions and subtitles may enhance the entire viewing experience for all viewers by making it easier for them to follow along with the video and by helping to make any difficult-to-hear or unclear sounds more understandable.

  • Go live

YouTubers may engage with their audience and expand their channel by hosting live streaming and Q&A sessions. Going live helps you establish relationships with your audience in real time and encourages them to share your material.

You may immediately address queries and gain a comprehensive grasp of what your audience is interested in with a live broadcast or Q&A session. It’s also a fantastic way to express your individuality and start a conversation!Go to the “Create” button at the top of your screen in order to start a live YouTube video. Click “Go Live” at this point. You’re practically there.


To sum up, conquering YouTube views necessitates a comprehensive strategy. Every stage involved in creating a successful channel, from content production to partnerships and smart promotion, matters. Your social media marketing views will soar to new heights with Trace Presence’s dependable assistance, guaranteeing consistent development and exposure in the cutthroat market.


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