How to Generate A Paperless Pay Stub

Electronic pay stubs have become more popular with advancing technology. Using pay stub generators is easier and faster but should be in line with your state’s legal regulations and requirements. Each state approves different requirements for the creation of a pay stub.

What is a Pay Stub?

A pay stub is a document that enumerates your work hours, wages/salaries, and deductions (taxes, retirement contribution, Medicare, insurance, and tax withholdings.) for a specific period. Pay stubs serve as evidence of payment. They are usually attached to employees’ paychecks. Pay stubs are also known as check stubs, pay slips, paycheck stubs, or earnings statements.

Why You Need a Pay Stub


A pay stub enables you to settle any arising matters with your employees and clear all misunderstandings. You can also use a pay stub to fill in W2 forms during the tax season. The sum of your employees’ pay stubs should reflect in the wage expenses section in your accounting records.


You’ll need a pay stub in the following instances:

Personal loan

When applying for a personal loan, some banks demand a recent pay stub while others demand pay stubs for one or two months to ensure that you have a steady flow of income.

Auto loan

Before approving your auto loan, banks require your pay stub to ascertain your capability to pay for the specific car. Banks will require you to pay monthly amounts when your loan is approved.


Preserving your pay stubs makes your tax filing easier. You can use pay stubs to claim tax benefits or to solve errors that may have occurred when filling the W2 form.


Landlords or real estate agents demand your pay stubs to assess your affordability for the desired apartment or house.


If involved in an accident that hinders you from working, your pay stubs will be required when filing for compensation benefits.


When making large purchases like a house or a condo, your pay stubs are required.

Independent Contractor

The annual 1099s prove the income you received from your client. A pay stub can help you notice mistakes if figures on the 1099s differ from the ones on your pay stub. You can then reach out to your client to solve the differences.


Your business expenses should be distinct from personal expenses for you to get an accurate figure of your business’s profit. Although self-employed, banks and other institutions will require your pay stubs for some of their services.

How to Get Your Pay Stub

Direct Deposit

Notify your employer of your bank details for him/her to deposit your pay into your account. You’ll need to confirm that the figure deposited is accurate.

Paystub Generator

Using a paystub generator or check stub maker to create online pay stubs is the modern way to show your income instantly. It takes a short time to pick a template, fill in your details and obtain your pay stub from the check stub maker.

Previous Employer

You may contact your previous employer to get your pay stubs, but you should first consider the state laws in your area of residence.

Contents of a Pay Stub

If you want to avoid a paystub generator, download or create your paystub templates and fill in the required information. Although state requirements differ, pay stubs contain similar basic information which includes:

Company Information

The company information indicated is the DBA name and address. Company info appears either at the pay stub’s top or bottom.

Employee Information

This section encompasses an employee’s full legal name, ID number, and social security details. An employee’s address is needed for the mailing of paychecks. This information is written on the top row.

Payment Details

This section summarizes an employee’s earnings within the applicable pay period.

Check Number

It is the number on the check given to the employee. It is crucial in the case of tracking or canceling the check.

Pay Period

The pay period should reflect whether it’s monthly or bi-weekly paychecks. The start and end dates of the period should be shown.

Pay Rate

It shows the employee’s pay per hour in hourly projects or the equivalent in salaried projects.

Number of Hours Worked

The hours spent at work are calculated for that pay period.

Other Compensation

It includes bonuses, overtime, or differences between holiday rates and regular rates.

Gross Earnings

Gross earnings are an employee’s earnings before taxes and deductions.

Net Pay

Net pay is an employee’s home pay after taxes and deductions.

Year-To-Date Pay

Year-to-date pay is the amount earned by an employee from 1st January until now.

FICA Tax Deductions

These are compulsory deductions paid by every worker at each pay period. The money funds Social Security and Medicare Services.

Tax Withholdings

An employee’s tax withholdings are determined by filling out Form W-2. The form shows federal, state, and local taxes owed by an employee.

Deductions for Benefits

Employees contribute to company-provided health insurance or 401(k) retirement plans. The contributions are deducted from an employee’s earnings before taxes.

How to Create an Online Pay Stub

You may opt to use pay stub generators or download free templates to create a pay stub on your own. Paystub generators are better options for companies with many employees. You can also use Microsoft Excel’s free paystub templates to create a pay stub.

After downloading the free template, fill out your company details and employee particulars. Alternatively, create your templates on excel using the contents of a pay stub outlined above.

If you opt for pay stub generators, find a suitable one for long-term use.

Benefits of Using Paperless Pay Stubs

It is eco-friendly as trees are conserved. Trees no longer fell to manufacture paper.

Online pay stubs save your time and reduce the storage of volumes of papers, files, and folders.

It ensures that your company moves towards digitization which is the modern trend.


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