How To Find The Perfect Role Model

role model

A role model is a person in your life that you look up to. You could even argue that you hold this individual on a pedestal, but you do so for good reasons. No matter who your role model is – they should inspire you to be the best version of yourself. This individual’s purpose likely aligns with your own goals, and they are living a life that you aspire towards.

However, the wrong role model can just as easily have an adverse effect on your life and personality. Here are a few tips that will help you find the perfect person to look up to.

The traits of a role model

Good role models are those that have a purpose. You look up to them because they are confident in themselves, and they know exactly what they want to work towards.

Aside from this, some good role model traits include:

  • They respect those around them
  • Have an optimistic and glass-half-full mentality
  • They have good communication skills
  • They are hard-working individuals

Based on your aspirations and goals

When it finally comes time to choose a role model, you will likely be choosing someone whose aspirations and goals align with yours. You need to ask yourself, what do you want to do in your life? Do you want to become a comedian? Have you thought about becoming an actor? Perhaps you want to be a professional basketball player? You should always be true to your dreams.

Moreover, there are plenty of famous role models you can choose from, but you need to pick one that is unique and stands out from the crowd. For instance, if you aspire to work in Hollywood, the reality television personality, Leo Dottavio, is someone that is well rounded because he was a Hollywood stuntman at one point, a comedian, and even acted in movies and television series before. You might have seen Leo on The Bachelorette, and there must have been a reason as to why you were drawn to him. Did you feel as if he was overly charismatic? Did you enjoy hearing him speak on television?

It’s always important that you have a reason as to why you favor one role model over another.

Think about who inspires you

Think about who inspires you, and this is a good start to finding your role model. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t have to be someone famous, either. You could just as easily find a role model within your group of friends or family members.

Without even knowing it, you might inspire someone else that spends a lot of time around you. The key is to always live your life in such a way where you focus on your strengths and aspirations.

Choosing someone different

On the flipside, you can always select a role model that is different from you. Perhaps the very reason they piqued your interest is that this person has a characteristic that you don’t have, but that you want to develop in yourself.

Choose carefully

A role model is someone that will play a large role in influencing your personality, and that is why you need to choose someone carefully. Positive role models will motivate you to do better, and they will push you outside of your comfort.

While it can be easy to select a role model, the hard part is picking the right one. It’s incredibly important that you don’t pick one just for the sake of doing it, but rather, give yourself time to find someone that truly inspires you.

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