How to Find the Best Opticians in Nairobi?


Eye problems can be stressing just as they are scary. If you have reason to believe that there is a problem with your eye or vision, the first and perhaps the most important thing to do is get an expert opinion from one of the best opticians in Nairobi.

Kenya has no shortage of opticians. A quick search online or a stroll down the busy streets of Tom Mboya, Moi Avenue, or Kenyatta Avenue will prove this to be true. The availability of so many options in the market is an excellent thing because it means that you won’t miss an optician. However, it doesn’t make it easier to know which expert is well suited for your needs. You should note that these opticians aren’t created equal. Meaning, you can’t walk into any office and expect stellar services. Some opticians are more experienced than others. Again, some facilities are better equipped with the latest technology and will make the diagnosis and treatment process and easier one.

So, knowing this, the question now becomes, how do you identify the best opticians in Nairobi amidst the seemingly endless options? Read on to find out.

Finding an optician

First, you will need to look at the available options and select at least five opticians that you will compare to determine which one better matches your needs preferences. To identify these options, you can ask the people in your circle (like friends, family, family doctor, colleagues) for a recommendation. A referral is often better because it comes from someone you trust. Other than asking around, you can also perform a quick Google search for a list of the best opticians in the city. Thanks to the internet and mobile phones, you can do this at the comfort of your own house. You can also decide to search for different opticians manually. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Apart from this, if this career appeals to you then we would definitely suggest you to go for it as it can actually be a rewarding career. And according to a recent research, the NCLE exam has a pass rate of 59.5% and this career can surely be a great consideration as the demand for the opticians is always on the rise.

Narrowing down your options

Once you have a list of five or six opticians, your next step should be to differentiate them based on their merits. Here are some few things that you should take note of when comparing these options head to head.

Look at their expertise

When it comes to eye problems and eye care, the experience is exceptionally vital. You understand how critical your sight is in daily operations; you wouldn’t want to leave anything to chance. That’s why you should put more emphasis on the experience of the optician. Find out about their academic background as well as knowledge in dealing with cases of similar nature as yours. Ask about how long they have been in business and their success and failure cases. A good optician is one who has been around for a long time and has successfully helped patients with cases like yours.

Find out their industry reputation

As with any other business, it’s essential to find an optician who is known for their excellent works. So, take time to find out how well an optician in known in the market, and what they are known for. An optician who is consistent when it comes to quality service delivery is bound to have a much better reputation than one with poor service delivery.

In-house technology

This might not be a quality of a good optician; however, an optician will need state of the art technology to deliver exceptional solutions. If you think about it, the technological advancement has changed the way eye specialists diagnose and treat patients. It has not only simplified the process, but it has also made it more accurate and fast. The kind of service you will get from an optician who boasts of high-end technology will vary significantly from one who relies on traditional systems.

Customer care

It’s easy to overlook the customer care aspect, yet it is what determines how happy you will be as a client before, during and even after the services. With so many opticians in the market, it will be a raw deal to settle for one who treats you just like another number. So rather than settling for less than you deserve, it might be in your interest to find an optician who understands your value and is ready to give you undivided attention.

The cost

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about choosing an optician is price. However, experts highly discourage this. While you have to work with an expert whom you can afford, it’s also essential to consider the aspects mentioned above beforehand. You may hold on to cost and miss out on the best services. Again, you may go for low ball offers and end up paying more in the long run

Make a choice

You can then use the above criteria to narrow down your options and finally pick an optician who stands out among your selected few.

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