How to Find Roses That Lasts One Year

Do you suffer from a commitment phobia? Do you want your token of love to last long enough to convince your love of your steadfast love? What better gift than roses that last one year?

Ideal Means of Expressing Love

Phobias apart, today’s trend is to express your love with a red rose rather than an expensive piece of jewellery, or a fur coat. One thing for sure, a red rose doesn’t cost a fortune and conveys your love even better. 

However, roses that last longer are a bit expensive. But you’d expect your rose to frizzle and sag by the evening and dry up completely in the next couple of days. What if you want the token of your love to last longer, much longer?

Longer Table Life

That’s true with ordinary roses grown under normal conditions and plucked and presented to your lady. Today, it’s not just computer technology that has advanced; the art of making roses last longer and has also been painstakingly perfected. In fact, some companies make it their business to make roses last more than a year. 

Mind you; it’s not just red roses that get an extended life. Whatever the type or colour of rose you want to adorn any part of your house, its life can be extended for over a year. 

Universal Love Icon

History is replete with instances where roses have been used symbolically to express love and admiration to anyone in any corner of the world. Roses have a universal appeal, and nobody has come up with a better way of conveying love or gratitude other than with a stunning rose. The longer you make the rose last, the longer the admiration for you lingers. 

The Secret of Freshness

If there are roses that last for one year or more, what makes them last that long? Flower shops employ professional florists who have perfected the art of extending the life of roses that last one year or more. Florists won’t disclose the “magic potion” formula that keeps an exquisite rose to look that way for more than a year. 

A sneak peek reveals that they use glycerine with a mixture of other oils to make this elixir that keeps these roses look fresh and new. They remain that way, nestled in glass, looking as though they are freshly plucked. There’s another secret to it than the magic potion. 

These especially are hand-picked roses that have thick petals and are flown in from Columbia. The soil and climate here are perfect for growing exotic roses that look stunning. 

The Unique Process

The florist soaks them in the magic oil to keep them that way for a year and more, and that’s the secret. However, where can you find roses that last a year? It’s not too difficult in today’s digital world, where all it takes is a click to be transported to a world of lovely roses ready for your lady’s private chambers or your drawing rooms. 

You can order a single enchanted rose for your lady or a bunch of crimson beauties for your drawing room; no order is too small or too big to choose from the riot of flowers on display.

Summing it Up

Roses have been the perfect gift for any occasion and will probably remain for posterity. Find the perfect rose to impress your lady-love, but make sure you gift her with roses that last a year or more which will certainly keep her in high spirits. 

Author bio: Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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