How To Find Out What Colors To Wear

coloursphoneappPsychologists have known it for years and finally people outside of the universities are catching on.  A person who surrounds themselves with the right color choices that complement their appearance are more attractive, charismatic, more compelling and more interesting without even saying a word. Enter the new website What Are My Colors who offer an innovative way to inexpensively harness this power.  For only $7.99 the site’s online personal stylist delivers 20 personalized color suggestions, based on hair, eyes and complexion that are appropriate for your clothes. It is very easy, you simply click on a series of pictures.

 The company was formed after the owner’s wife had a personal color consultation and they thought she looked so much better in her color clothes, which gave her confidence in her buying choices. She now takes her colors everywhere. Together they started noticing people who they thought were obviously wearing the wrong colors and could have looked so much better. It became a little obsession and they got a color expert on board who spent months determining all the possible results for the new website.

The truth is lumping people into four seasons is not very accurate & traditional personal color stylists can be very expensive. What Are My Colors approaches the art of determining a person’s best colors in a way that not only over delivers in results, but also keeps the service incredibly affordable for only $7.99.

The colors are sent immediately by email and the virtual color swatches can be moved onto your phone for the shops using the free app.  For more details watch and visit



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