How to Dress up and Prepare for your First Date with a Guy

dress up

Got yourself a hot date and you’re nervous about it? You’re not alone. Most women go through some kind of panic episode before their first date. It can be stressful to figure out how you should prepare for your night (or day) out with your crush if you’ve never spend time with him before.
What you should wear? How much make is ok? What questions to ask a guy on your date? Take a deep breath, you’ll be fine. Just follow some simple, date-preparation steps and you’ll be set up for success!

First thing’s first

First thing to consider is where you and your date will be going, make sure you know before you head out with him! You don’t want to overdress or underdress for the occasion, so it’s crucial that you know what you’re getting into before you start getting dressed for it. If you want to attract men easily pheromones can help. If you are wondering “what are pheromones“, they’re a chemical that will attract the opposite sex. It has been successfully developed in the lab and it is better than just wearing perfume.

Your outfit

Your outfit should match the date setting. If you are going to an outdoor concert, don’t wear your fanciest cocktail dress and stilettos, you’ll be overdressed (not to mention miserable!) You should be dressed casually for casual plans. Jeans, flirty dresses, or bohemian skirts are your best bet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get fancy if you want, pair your outfit with a glitzy statement necklace or some funky platforms. Casual doesn’t mean boring, you want to dazzle your guy on the first date, so don’t even think about wearing the same jeans and t-shirt you wear to do your grocery shopping. Whether your too short like Ariana Grande or super tall like Karlie Kloss, it’s always a good idea to wear medium or high heels.

If you’re headed to a nice dinner or gallery, now’s the time to bust out that swanky cocktail dress and stilettos. Your choice of attire is important not just for your comfort, but for his. If you feel awkward in your outfit, you’re going to give off awkward vibes, and that’s going to make your date feel, well, awkward!

How to style your hair

And then what to do with your hair? It’s a safe bet to apply the same strategy you did when choosing your outfit: match your style to the occasion. Casual hairstyle for the casual setting, fancy hair for the swanky places. Now is not the time, however, to experiment with new styles. Stick with your tried and true, or visit your favorite salon for help from the professionals. You don’t want any hair disasters happening 5 minutes before your date is supposed to start.

Prepare your mind

Its also a good idea to have some topics prepared for conversation before your date starts, that way you will avoid any disastrous awkward silences. This is easy, just brush up on whatever you’re planning to talk about beforehand. You don’t want to tell your date that you’re a huge fan of some TV show, then have no idea what’s happened in the last 4 episodes. Be honest with him though. Don’t brush up just on things that you know he likes in order to pretend you have that in common. In the long run you will regret this, you want a guy who knows and likes the real you.

Now that you know how to dress up and prepare for your first date with a guy, don’t forget the most important finishing touch: brush your teeth before you leave your house! Fresh breath is THE most important thing to remember. Now, go have fun!

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