How To Dress Like A Celebrity

Whether you are on holiday, going to a private event, or simply dressing up for a simple night out, everyone wants to look like a star. If you want to turn heads like a celebrity and make a statement you do not have to have the riches or fame; a few stylish fashion tips can have you looking like an A-lister in no time. With the right accessories, boutique dresses, and attitude here is how you can dress like a celebrity:

Start With A Dress

Dresses are perfect for any occasion and with the wide range of styles to choose from, you can create the perfect base for your outfit no matter where you are going. The key to imitating celebrity dresses is not in the price tag, but how the dress fits your body and the statement it makes. Shopping online offers the most variety and often, the best deals. You’re also able to find a wider selection of ‘celebrity inspired dresses’, which are basically dresses which look very similar to the hottest dresses actually worn by celebrities.  Affordable celebrity inspired dresses can be found at places like that are stylish and trendy, giving you that ‘celebrity look’ without the celebrity price tag.

Go Big With Accessories

For that true celebrity look, consider using oversized accessories with your ensemble. Even with a simple dress the use of oversized accessories can draw attention to an outfit and be very eye-catching. The general rule of thumb for accessories is that the simpler the boutique dresses are, the bolder you should be with your accessories. The opposite holds true as well. With a bold patterned dress consider using neutral accessories with strong but simple lines. Do not overdo it with accessories, though; a single bag and one powerful accessory can complete an outfit but adding too many can make everything look messy.

Transform Your Look With A Coat

One thing you will notice about celebrity dresses is that they are often worn in autumn and winter as well. With a stylish coat you can give a sophisticated, chic look to boutique dresses that keep you warm as well. With a simple dress, a vibrant white coat with a wide and strong shoulder can add structure to your ensemble and give you the ultra-sophisticated look of the stars.

By following the above tips, you’ll be looking like an A-list celebrity real soon!



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